Jul 18, 2011

Nail Art - Starting a New Trend!

Okay so a lot of you have been asking how I did my nails so here is a tutorial!
I'm not gonna lie this is pretty tricky for some and it may take you a few several tries

What you'll need
1. A cup or a bowl
2. Filtered room temperature water
3. Toothpicks
4. Tape
5. Nail polish
6. Nail polish remover
7. Q-tips
8. Scissors
9. News paper or paper towels
Lets get started!!

Start by laying out some newspaper or paper towels, this will get messy! Paint all of your fingernails one color. White is a good "canvas" to work with because the colors will come out as their true color. I used black here because I wanted a darker effect....plus I just love black!
Let your nails dry completely! Don't rush it. After your nails have dried pick the colors for your design. Next you'll want to tape off you finger. Place tape around your cuticles as closely as possible without covering your nail. This will help keep the color off of your skin and make for an easy clean up.
After you colors are selected unscrew all of the caps and get ready to work fast! Quickly drop your colors one by one forming a "bulls-eye" in your water. Remember to work quickly because the polish will dry in the water.
Take your toothpick now and drag it through the color to form your designs.
Pick the area of the design you want to use on your finger and slowly lower your taped finger into the water.
Keep your finger under the water for a few seconds and then, with your finger still under the water, use a toothpick to clean up the polish around your finger. Just twist the toothpick around till there is no polish left in the water and then lift your finger out of the water.
Your finger will look something like this. Leave the tape on for a few minutes so the polish can dry. After a few minutes use your scissors to cut off the tape. Carefully peel off the tape. Now take your q-tip, dip it in polish remover, and clean up the nail polish around your cuticles or any polish on your skin.

Let you nail art dry and apply a clear coat of polish.

Voila! You very own nail art!

This might will require patience! Lots of it! It's not a quick craft by any means you just have to keep practicing!! Have fun ya'll and leave me a comment, let me know how yours turn out!!


  1. That is crazy cool! How did you ever come up with this?!?
    Also, I adore your photos you used in your header! Just lovely!
    So glad you shared it at the Tuesday To Do party!
    PS! I'm your North Texas neighbor up here in Frisco!

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  2. I wish I could take credit for coming up with this technique but I just discovered it myself a few weeks ago! It's a lot of fun thought! Small world! :)

  3. Oh, and thanks! I just created that header today!

  4. These look awesome!! I am going to try it for sure! I'll come back and let ya know how it turned out! Your blog is adorable so glad I found it!


  5. How fun is this?! love!

    Thanks for stopping by FFL!


  6. Hey! We just did a post on swirly nails. Check us out- chameleongirls.blogspot.com
    We are now following you.

  7. i tried it and my nails look awesome!

  8. Hi, a quick tip here to make things a bit easier, removing the need for tape and all the cleaning up around the nail, when it's dry. Spread Vaseline (petroleum jelly) wherever you don't want varnish. As with the tape, there will be varnish all over the place but, when your nails are dry, all you need to do is wipe of the Vaseline and you have perfect nails AND your fingers have had a moisturizing treat. Win-Win!

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