Dec 17, 2011

12 Days of Christmas Crafts - Day 8 - Basement Sewing

Today for day eight of the 12 Days of Christmas Crafts we have Nikki from Basement Sewing who will be showing us how to make a cute Bow Check Book that you can give as a gift. . .or keep for yourself! Take it away Nikki!

Hey everyone I'm Nikki from Basement Sewing. I am a long time crafter but a relatively new blogger. Mostly my crafts consist of re-purposing and sewing. I really love being able to share my passion for sewing with others. Getting to make all the pretty things I dream of in my head into reality is one of the best feeling in the world for me.  

My sincerest gratitude goes out to Audra today for letting me share one such creation with you. 
Hanging with my Boyfriends Puppy

Today I have a Bow Check Book Cover tutorial to share with you all. This is a really awesome looking, quick project that is perfect to give as a Holiday gift!!! Who wouldn't love receiving  such a gosh darn adorable gift, especially when it was made with love by you? Plus once you make one, you'll have memorized the pattern and you can keep doing it over and over and over! The elves aint got nothin' on you Girl!

Bow Check Book Cover

*Note: use a 1/4" seam allowance for all stitching unless otherwise noted.

You will need....
1 7.5" X 8.5" piece ( Main Outside Piece)
1 7.5" X 8.5" piece (Main Lining Piece)
4 7.5" X 3.5" Pieces (Pocket Pieces)
2 7.5" X 4" Pieces (Large Bow Pieces)
1 2" X 3" Piece (Bow Loop/Tie)
1 2.5" X 6" Piece (Pen Pocket)
Bias Tape

1) Start by making sure all of your pieces are pressed really well.

2) Apply a fusible interfacing to the main outside piece, and two of the pocket pieces.

Pen pocket

1) Fold the long edges of the pen pocket piece in approx. ¼” on each side, press.
2) Fold and press the pen pocket piece in half "hamburger" style so the piece measures 2" X 3"

3) old the large lining piece and the pen pocket piece in half, both "hot-dog" style this time Lightly press the folds. (Just enough to mark then no to actually fold them.)  Line up the folds that you just made in the pen pocket piece and the lining piece
Pen Pocket Piece Pinned in Place

Pin the pieces in place where you lined up the folds and stitch down the 3” sides
Finished Pen Pocket Piece

The pen pocket is now

Check Book / Register Pockets

For each pocket you 
will need 1 pocket piece with lining, one without lining and bias tape. I chose to make my own bias tape so it would perfectly match my patterned fabric.. You do not have to do this however. Normal, prepacked bias tape works just as well, maybe even better!

 Sorry if this part is a bit confusing, hopefully the pictures help. For those of you  who have sewn Bias tape on a quilt, its the same process, just machine sewed on both sides of the bias tape.

1) Open up your bias tape one fold so that you can see both of the pressed under edges. 
2)  Lay one pocket piece on 1/2 of the open bias tape. The pocket piece should be right-side down.
In the photo both pocket pieces are laid down.

Ignore that however and follow the instructions. 
3) Stitch along the pre-pressed fold of the bias tape (sewing the pocket piece to the bias tape)
Repeat with the other pocket piece and half of the bias tape

 Bias Tape with Both Pocket Pieces Attached
4) Press the pocket pieces so their wrong sides are together and the bias tape is on the outside. 
 Repeat the whole process for the other set of pocket pieces.
1 Finished Pocket. It should look EXACTLY the same on the other side.
Once you've done it twice, your'e pockets are now complete! Lucky you!

Bow and Loop

1) Place large bow pieces one on top of the other with wrong sides together.

2) Stitch along both long sides of the two pieces (top and bottom)

3) Turn right-side out and press. The seams you just sewed should be on the top and bottom. 

4) Top-stitch along the top and bottom of the turned piece. 
Finished Large Bow Piece
Now that the large bow piece is complete were going to make a small loop for the bow to go through. 

5) Fold long edges of small bow piece under ¼”
Edges folded under 1/4" 

6) Fold in bow loop piece half "hamburger" style and stitch down the short side

7) Flip right side out HALF WAY,
Loop Turned Half-Way
8)      Hand stitch the edges together. When finished the loop should have the Right-Side of the fabric showing on both the outside and the inside, as below. 
Finished Loop

9) Smush large bow piece through the little loop you just made. You may have to fuss with the folds of the main piece to make it look just right. 
Finished Bow
Now It’s Time to Attach the Bow
1) Fold the outside main piece (NOTE: this piece should have the fusible interfacing attached)  in half, Right-side out.

Folded Main Cover Piece

2) Situate the bow on the top of the outside folded piece, making sure to leave at least a  ¼” seam allowance below and above the bow.
Main Cover with the Bow  Pinned in Place
3)    Unfold the main piece,  Pin the bow in place and Baste the bow's unfinished edges.

Bow Basted in Place

4) Flip the piece so the wrong-side is up and hand stitch a few stitches between the loop of the bow and the outside main piece. This helps maintain the bows placement. Basically it "purse-proofs" the bow.

Hand-Stitching the Bow Loop to the Main Cover
Assemble the Checkbook Cover

1) Make a fabric "sandwich" as follows…
a. Main lining piece Right-Side up
b. Pockets (one on each side of pen pocket) Right-Side up.
c. Outside main piece, Wrong-Side down
"Sandwich" steps A and B
"Sandwich" step C

2) Pin the "Sandwich" layers in place.

3) Stitch around outside of cover, leaving a small
hole for turning.

4) Turn right-side out.

5) Slip stitch opening closed
Press really, really well and you’re done!!!!


I hope you all enjoyed this tutorial and feel free to send me an email with any questions. My blog is always open to you as well.

Much love, Nikki.


  1. Hey there girl,This is super cute!!Thanks,Deidre~

  2. Great tutorial - and I LOVE the aqua-wave fabric!

  3. ooo this is a nice tutorial!!! lovely! i'm gonna do it for sure!
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