Dec 12, 2011

12 Days of Christmas Crafts - Day 4 - Simply FABulous

Hello, hello everyone! Welcome to day four of the 12 Days of Christmas Crafts at {The Kurtz Corner}! Today I am featuring Evanne, from simply FABulous, who will be showing us how to make a very cute holiday ear warmer! Don't forget to stop by and visit her!

Hello all you Kurtz Corner readers! I am honored that Audra asked me to be today to share with you all a great tutorial for the holidays.
 I'm Evanne from simply FABulous. On my blog you will find tutorials on clothing, crafts, home decor, and some delicious recipes. I also like to share personal experiences in my life that include my friends and family. I would love to see new faces around my blog, so come by and say hello!  

   Now it's time for the main event...
 Sit back, relax, and enjoy this tutorial on how to make a 

Materials Needed:
Fleece (1/8 yard)
Two colors of coordinating felt/fabric for the flower
Two Buttons (1 Large and 1 Medium)
Hot Glue Gun
Sewing Machine

Step 1:  Take your piece of fleece fabric and sketch out a headband design using a light colored piece of chalk as shown below:

 Step 2:  Cut out.  Here are the dimensions I used for the headband:

Step 3:  Fold over the edges with 1/2" seam allowance and pin.  Start with the body of the headband and sew first.  

Step 4:  Once the seam allowances for the body are sewn, pin and sew the end seam allowances.

Step 5:  Using the larger button, measure the length to determine how big the hole needs to be on one end of the ear warmer.

Step 6:  Use the same colored light chalk to mark the button hole placement in the center of one end and cut.

Step 7:  Line that up with the other end and mark the button placement.  Using a sewing machine and button footer, sew the button in place.

Step 8:  Make the holiday flower with two different colors of fabric. Take the first color (red) and cut out 4 3" circles.  Cut out 5 3" circles in the other color of fabric (green).  

1 extra just incase

Step 9:  Plug in hot glue will need it for the formation of the pedals.

Step 10:To make the pedals, take a circle and fold in half.

Step 11: Fold it in half again. Glue in place.

Step 12:  Take one corner and fold it back towards the other corner to form a small triangle.  Glue in place.

Step 13:  Flip it over and do the same with this side.  Glue in place.  You will be left with 1 small triangle.

Step 14:  Repeat steps 10-13 for 4 red circles and 4 green circles.

Step 15:  Take the extra circle (either color) that you created for your base and apply glue.

Step 16:  Lay each pedal down with the point in the center.

Step 17:  Once all pedals have been attached, glue your medium sized button to the center.

Step 18:  Attach the flower to the headband using the glue gun.  Place it to the left side of the headband.

Step 19:  Try it on and enjoy!

These make for GREAT stocking stuffers, excellent for the cold weather season ahead, and a fun accessory to wear!

Happy Holidays to The Kurtz Corner!


  1. Hi there! So glad I found your blog through the hop. So refreshing! I love this head band, very festive :-)

  2. so sweet - I love the look... and as weird as it sounds, I just made a plastic plate decoration that looks the same!


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