May 28, 2011

{Rosette Headbands}

DIY projects are just so much { FUN!! } I wish I could make crafts everyday. Those of you know know me personally know that I would too if I had the chance hehe!

These are my very first rosette headbands and I think they turned out pretty cute! Thinking of starting an Etsy shop now, whacha think?

I am super excited for tomorrow!! My life-long-childhood friend Lindsey, from the { Sweetly Yours } blog, is coming over to do crafts. We'll be making a bunch of these beauties!

The two below are for my little cousins. More cuties coming to you tomorrow!


  1. Cute! The rosette headbands are always fun to make aren't they?

  2. They are super fun! These were actually the first two I ever made :)

  3. I love them...

  4. Hahaha I love how your name is "Mom" on here

  5. Aren't these beautiful? Thanks for sharing.


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