Jun 9, 2014

4th of July Star Spangled $225 Cash Giveaway!

It's officially Summer! Summertime means BBQ's, laying by the pool, ice cold drinks, going to the lake or beach and fun in the sun! To share our love for summer, we 12 lovely ladies have joined forces to bring you one awesome giveaway!! Not only are we giving away $225 just in time for your 4th of July celebration, but we're also giving away 6 additional prizes handmade by these awesome gals! One winner, 7 fabulous prizes, are you ready!?

Before you enter, be sure to read a little bit about each of the giveaway sponsors and visit their pages to leave some love and thank them for hosting!

Audra from The Kurtz Corner

Hi, I'm Audra! Southern gal and mastermind behind The Kurtz Corner. I'm a wife and new SAHM to one hopelessly adorable baby boy. I'm a lover of DIY projects, crafts, cooking, baking...if it involves creativity, I most likely adore it! I also run a YouTube channel where I share quick and easy DIY projects and recipes. I hope to see you around sometime!

Carrie from Saving 4 Six

I'm Carrie... the wife, mother, and saver behind Saving4Six. I love to save money on meals, vacations, crafts, and mostly DIY home improvements around my 100 year old home.

Stephanie from Crafting in the Rain

Stephanie lives in the Northwest with her husband and kids and writes all about her creative life. Visit her blog for holiday decor, fun kid crafts and games and occasional sweet treats.

Morgan from 11:11 Vintage Creations

I'm a Mom of 3 silly boys and a sassy Step daughter. I'm married to a wonderful man who is in the Navy. My business was inspired by my grandfather who passed away on November 11, 1987(11:11). He kept a book of positive quotes which he left for my grandmother. I went through a tough time a few years ago and saw the number 11:11 everywhere I went, I know it was him. That's where the name came from. He inspired me to turn positive quotes into jewelry as a reminder for people to remember life is beautiful and this too shall always pass. I'm hoping the positive quotes and bible verses in my jewelry will help people as they did me.

Robin from robincharmagne

robincharmagne is a life + style blog. Updated daily, robincharmagne regularly features style/outfit ideas, fashion trends, easy entertaining, clever decorating ideas, savvy travel tips and totally doable DIY projects.
Christy from Happy Chic Boutique

The intent of Happy Chic Boutique is to offer quality products, at an affordable price, while focusing on all sizes of women. Happy Chic Boutique will give you a unique shopping experience, fun packaging, and a fantastic rewards program. We want to be your shopping bff!

Amanda from Looluh Rue

Looluh Rue was born out of my love for creating new things. I started sewing at a young age and that taught me that I could make anything I wanted....or at least try. I've found a passion for making jewelry, which you can find in the Looluh Rue shop along with lots of cute downloadable prints. XO, Amanda

Sarah from Raindrops on Roses Boutique

Raindrops on Roses Boutique is the at-home business of mom and wife, Sarah Nicholson. Sarah offers handcrafted wooden signs for your home, baby shower gifts,wedding decorations, holidays, gifts and everything in between.

Siri from Pumpkin Thieves and Buffalo Wings

I'm Siri, a girl made up of a little bit of red, Muppets, Kisses, faith, Swedish, poems, raindrops, strawberries in lemonade, and photographs. I live adventures everyday with Pappa Bear, Little Muppet, and the Chocolates.

Tranae from Becoming Fab

Hi! I'm Tranae, a southern girl with an addiction to crafting. My blog, Becoming Fab, is a DIY lifestyle blog focusing on creating a fun and fabulous life.

Krista from Kristie's Blue Jeans

I am Krista, a late twenty something, small town girl, hoping to travel the big world; blogging about everything from the awkward hilarious moments of my life, to the make up I love, and to the places I travel.

KineBritt from Peanut Brittle Art

They call me Peanut Brittle. I read, I explore, and I create unique water color portraits from your photos! They are the perfect touch to your home or the perfect gift for a loved one!


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