Feb 29, 2016

DIY Granola & Pomegranate Clusters

I'm always excited to find new delicious and healthier snacks to try! This time I combined a few on hand items to come up with a fast and easy treat. All you need is granola, melting chocolate and pomegranate! Check out the video below for an easy how-to!

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Oct 5, 2015

DIY Twinkie Ghosts - YouTube Tutorial

October is finally here and it's time to start breaking out the Halloween decor and snacks, if you haven't already! If your family loves Halloween these twinkie ghosts are a quick and fun little DIY your kiddos are sure to enjoy! Chocolate and twinkies, who doesn't love that combo? All you'll need are a few twinkies, white chocolate chips, mini milk chocolate chips, a cookie sheet, spatula and a glass bowl! Check out the video below for the quick and easy tutorial. Happy October!

Aug 7, 2015

DIY Guess Who Game

One of my favorite things to do with family as a kid was play board games! Even now in my late 20's I still enjoy it, must be that 80's/90's kid in me! In this video I teamed up with Walgreens to create a DIY Guess Who Game. Instead of using faces I used cupcakes to make a new twist for the kiddos. Using a combination of colors and similar elements like sprinkles, cupcake liners and other decorations I was able to pull it off. You can use any images you like! I designed mine in Adobe Illustrator and had them printed on photo paper using Walgreens 1 Hour Photo Service.

You will need two sets of all items seen in this video (minus the glue and washi tape) to create two game boards + one additional printed sheet of images to make the game pieces to select from. Happy crafting!