Apr 9, 2014

DIY Healthy & Delicious Fruit Popsicles

Raise your hand if you're ready for summer! "Ooo, ooo, me, I am!" As things heat up here in Texas we're constantly looking for ways to cool down. Bonus points if that way is also delicious!

I've been making homemade popsicles and ice cream since I was kid, I may be an expert, who knows! One thing is for sure though and that is these healthy fruit popsicles are delicious! Who needs store bought when you can make your own? I'm not even sure what are in those "natural fruit pops" anyhow...and PS preservatives are not natural! Ick.

So, if you want to keep that beach bod slender, stay away from those sugar packing fudge pops and make yourself some healthy fruit popsicles!


- strawberries
- kiwi
- blueberries
- coconut water with splash of mango
- coconut water with splash of pineapple

You'll also need a knife to cut your fruit and popsicles molds.


It's that easy! Now grab some fruit and coconut water and make your own!

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Apr 6, 2014

Cinco De Mayo - Cookie Taco Treats

Momma always said, "Don't play with your food", but I think we should make an exception in the case of cookie tacos! These little cuties easy to make, not to mention ¡muy delicioso! and fun for kids of all ages. Perfect for a Cinco De Mayo celebration or any fiesta!


- vanilla cookies
- chocolate icing
- coconut flakes
- red hot candies
- orange and yellow jimmies
- green food coloring
- serrated knife
- piping bag and 2 or 3 piping tip


Step 1: Create your "taco shells"

Start by separating your cookie halves and scraping off the cookie cream filling. Save the filling and set aside. Next, using a serrated knife, in a sawing motion, cut off a third of your cookie.

Step 2: Assemble your "taco"

Add a dollop of chocolate icing to the pattern side of your cookie so that the smooth side faces outward. Sandwich the icing with your other cookie half, pattern side facing the icing, to form your taco shape.

Step 3: Decorate!

To create your lettuce, add one drop of green food coloring and one or two drops of water to a small bowl of shredded coconut flakes. Stir until the green food coloring is diffused. Sprinkle on the lettuce to your taco. Add your red hot candies for tomatoes and jimmies for cheese. Finally, using your piping bag, placed the cookie cream in your bag and pipe onto the taco as the sour cream.

Step 4: Enjoy!

Seriously, how cute did these turn out? These can be made the day before and stored in an air tight container or served immediately. If you don't like coconut you could always use other green candies like green sour punch straws diced up or green airheads shredded. If you don't prefer red hot candies you could always used red mini M&Ms or normal sized red M&Ms cut in half. Whatever you choose, make them your own and enjoy!

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Apr 5, 2014

DIY Finger Knitting a Flower Headband

Is she not the cutest or what? There are times where I definitely wish I had a girl. There are so many fun accessories you can make for them, but I wouldn't trade my little man for anything in the world!

My lovely sponsor, Lion Brand Yarn Company, recently sent me some super fun and bright yarn that I knew I had to use for a summer time accessory craft. The yarn that I used, pictured above, is the Hometown USA - Neon Pink yarn, size super bulky 6. I love the Hometown USA yarn! It's soft and doesn't fray easily as other yarns I've worked with. It's a definite go to yarn in my opinion.

This finger knit flower headband is quick as easy to make, even kids can do it! (Parents manning the hot glue gun of course!) This is perfect for summer or fall accessories. Use bright yarn colors for summer and warmer colored yarns for the fall and winter. You can add rhinestones or any embellishment of your choice to jazz up your flower. Below you will find a list of supplies and I have included a easy to follow YouTube video with directions, have fun!


- headband
- Lion Brand Yarn in Hometown USA - Neon Pink
- scissors
- hot glue
- rhinestones or embellishments of your choice


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