Jul 14, 2014

Finger Knitting - Animal Ears in 30 Minutes!

Seriously y'all...how stinking adorable are these finger-knit animal ears?! Because finger knitting and arm knitting have become so popular here lately, I wanted to come up with something original that you could create with your finger knitting that wasn't a scarf, since that is what many tutorials cover. I thought these would be adorable for a newborn photo shoot. You could even use them as an accessory for a Halloween costume or just for dress up fun with your kiddos! They are fast and easy to make which makes them perfect for craft time as your little one naps or a fun craft for your older kids to make! Continue below for a materials list and how-to video!

- super bulky yarn (size 6)
- scissors
- hot glue
- your hands


Jul 11, 2014

Baby Update - 6 Months Old

Another month has come and went, just like that, and little man will be 7 months tomorrow! I can hardly believe it. The hubby and I actually celebrated our four year wedding anniversary on Peyton's 6 month old "birthday." I thought that was pretty neat! We had a couple of first during Peyton's 6th month. We visited the zoo and went swimming for the first time, both great experiences! Peyton loved watching all of the animal at the zoo, especially the HUGE coy fish and goats in the kids zone. Swimming was a fun experience too, and we've been a few times now. I can't wait till he can walk and splash around in our community splash pad!

We also had fun making a father's day gift for my Dad! We bought a Dallas Cowboy's shirt (his favorite football team), then took pictures of Peyton in the shirt, and had a print made. We then gave both to my Dad! I think it turned out pretty stinking cute.

I'm learning a lot about being a momma bear, and find myself being a little too nice at times. I never realized how annoying it is when random people touch your baby!! I mean, I never was one of "those people." I would maybe touch my actual friends' baby's feet, legs, and hands, but only because I knew them. I am amazed at home many strangers think it's okay to just walk up to my baby and just start touching him! All my mommy brain thinks now is, "germs, germs, germs, stop touching my baby!!" Haha! I couldn't care less if my friends and family touch my baby, because I know them. I know they wash their hands and have enough sense to not rub their hands on my baby if they've been sick or touching something dirty. I actually had some woman with a "service dog," a HUGE, 8 month old dog sniff my babies legs and get way too close for my liking. All I could imagine was the dog smelling my dogs on Peyton, snapping, and biting his leg! This lady was old and didn't look like she could control him if he bolted. My hairdresser informed me that the lady just says he's a service dog to get away with taking him into public places that wouldn't allow dogs unless they were service dogs...great, that made me feel sooo much better (detect the sarcasm?). I didn't say anything, just watched very closely. I didn't want to be rude, but I'm learning I need to care less about being nice, and just let my momma bear instincts come out. We learn as we go, right?

6 Month Skills and Events:

+ Sitting up...wobbly, but still sitting none the less!
+ Eating puree three times a day
+ Loving our high chair
+ Banging toys on tables
+ Loves standing (with help)
+ Making silly sounds
+ Drinking water through Mommy's straw
+ Sleeping 10 to 11 hours a night

Jul 2, 2014

DIY Chalkboard Refrigerator

The older I get, the more and more I find myself turning into my mother...and I love it. I hate clutter and crave organization. I'd say those are two admirable qualities, especially if you're a mom running a household. It just makes everything so much easier! Thanks, Mom, for drilling that into my head :)

With that in mind, I wanted to create something that was both cute, functional, and could help us organize our grocery list and weekly meal planning. With limited wall space, I decided it would be fun to turn our fridge into our very own chalkboard! It's perfect for me to plan meals and a fun canvas for Peyton when he is old enough to play with chalk, win-win!

Total supplies for this project only cost me $25!

Here is a shot of the fridge before and after. Quite the transformation, huh?!


- RustOleum chalkboard paint (From The Home Depot only $10 vs $25 at Michael's)
- foam roller (owned)
- twine/rope (two 50ft bags from The Home Depot $5 each)
- chalk pen (Amazon $5)
- super glue (owned)
- painter's tape (owned)


You'll want to begin by giving your fridge a good scrub to get any dirt or food particles off. After that has dried, remove your handles if possible. Next, tape off any areas that you don't want painted with the chalkboard paint. I painted everything except the button section on the front of my fridge. Now, roll on a thin 1st layer and allow that to dry for at least 30 to 45 minutes before adding a second layer. The directions call for 4 hours, but I didn't follow that, call me a rebel. Three layers of chalk paint was the magical number for me, but it could vary depending on how heavy you roll on your layers. You will also need to paint the handles, if you choose. Because my handles are plastic the chalkboard did chip off easily. So, my advice here would be to either prime them first or leave them their original color. Last, you will want to wrap them in the rope. Apply your super glue to the beginning of your rope and hold for a minute so that it will adhere to the handle. Once it is secure, begin wrapping, adding small amounts of super glue as you go until you have wrapped the entire thing. Reattach your handles and then you are done until the fridge had fully dried for 24 hours.

Wait at least 24 hours before using or priming your chalkboard. Before writing on your board, prime it with your chalk. You can use either real chalk or chalk pens. I like the look of chalk pens, but I will likely switch between the two. If you use real chalk, rub a piece of chalk on its side all over the fridge and then wipe away using a wet cloth. Your chalkboard is now ready to use!

Priming the chalkboard...still working on that second handle at this point.

Helpful tips:

- The chalkboard directions suggest using a magnetic primer first, however those have been known to contain harsh chemicals and A.) I don't want that on my fridge, which I'm sure my son will end up licking at some point or another (the chalkboard paint is non-toxic when dried) and B.) the fridge is still magnetic without it, so I wouldn't waste my time.

- If you use chalk pens on your fridge, they will quote-un-quote stain the chalkboard. Meaning that, if you leave it on the fridge for a prolonged amount of time, it will leave behind traces of white, even when wiped away with a wet cloth. The solution here is to get a Magic Eraser, wet it, buff the chalk pen away, and then dry with a clean cloth. Works like a charm and no white traces left.