Oct 19, 2011

Motorcycle Diaper Cake...Vroom!

Someone's getting baby fever!! Just kidding...Or am I??
A few weeks ago I made my very first Diaper Cake for one of my best friends. I had so much fun making it and my friends and coworkers loved it! A few days ago one of my coworkers asked me to help with decorations for a motorcycle themed baby shower. You know me, I was happy to help!! I told her what to buy and leave the rest to me! So now that I've made my first Motorcycle Diaper Cake I'm going to show you how to make your own!

My Motorcycle Diaper Cake

Here is What You'll Need
 1. About 30 to 40 diapers size 1
2. Two receiving blankets
3. Two Bibs
4. One Washcloth
5. One pair of baby sock or booties
6. One teething ring
7. Two large rubber bands
8. One small bottle
9. One medium sized stuffed animal
10. Medium sized cake pan

Step by Step Directions
Step 1: Start by placing your diapers in a circular shape in your cake pan. I used 18 diapers per wheel.
Step 2: Place a large rubber band around your diapers. Hold your wheel in place while pulling on one diaper at a time to the right until you achieve your desired wheel shape.
Step 3: Fold your receiving blankets to about one and half inch width. These will connect your wheels and make your handle bars.
Step 4: Feed your receiving blanket through your first wheel.
Step 5: Connect your two wheels by feeding the receiving blanket through the second wheel. Tuck your excess receiving blanket in to your BACK tire.
Step 6: Wrap your wheels with ribbon to cover your rubber bands...I got ahead of myself. You should do this before connecting your tires to make it easier but either way it still works.
Step 7: Feed your second receiving blanket through your FRONT tire.
Step 8: Place a bib on the front and back tire.
Step 9: To secure your bibs, tuck them in to your diaper tires.
Step 10: Connect your handle bars with a rubber band and the teething ring. Slide in your bottle under the handle bars as the headlight.
Step 11: Cover your rubber band with ribbon and a bow. Add your socks or booties as the handles on the handle bars.
Step 12: Add a washcloth as the motorcycle seat.
Step 13: Add your stuffed animal and you're done!

 Pretty easy right? Here are a few more shots of my finished Motorcycle Diaper Cake!
Vroom, vroom!! Enjoy!

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