Oct 25, 2011

Dear HGTV, Feel Free to Stalk Me...

As some of you may already know The Hubby and I applied to be on HGTV’s “My First Place” several weeks ago. After one casting video, a few weeks of patiently waiting, and many hours of nail biting we found out Saturday that we were selected as one of the Dallas couples that will appear on the show!! Yahoo!! We are so super excited! If you haven’t seen the show it’s just like “House Hunters” but only for first time home buyers. The show takes you through the journey of buying a new home and all of the joys and pains of getting there. If you've never seen the show and you’d like to watch an episode you can find full episodes HERE.

The Hubby and I have already started our hunt (2 weekends down many, many more to go) and I am discovering that my many hours of pinning “Home Inspiration” on Pinterest has given me a very unrealistic view of what our first home should look like and all the bells and whistles it should come with. Granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, custom closets with endless space, stone showers with five shower heads… REALITY CHECK! I know, I know…it’s our FIRST home not our DREAM home but a girl can wish, right? I am hoping we can find a house with some of these dream amenities but we are keeping a very open mind when it comes to buying this first home like the year it was built, can things be upgraded later, curb appeal…but there are several things that we just can’t go without:

  1. A kitchen that is worthy of all of the cooking and baking we do.
  2. A bathroom with enough storage and counter space so that we aren’t stepping on each other…my husband is 6’4” after all and that = big feet to step on little ole’ me.
  3. A house with great “flow”. Ever walk into a house and wonder who on earth would build that there???
  4. A decent sized backyard for entertaining and our two energetic pups.
  5. A great neighborhood & good school districts (ya know, for when those babies arrive!)
  6. Lots and lots of closet space!!
Sound like a lot? Ya, I know we’re expecting a lot, but hey, we have time and we don’t want to hate our new home just a few months or year after moving in. Home buying feels a lot like wedding dress shopping or dating boyfriends to me, haha! You try on a million, you like a lot of them but then there is that “ah ha!” moment and you know you’ve found the one. So, after hearing all the advice from my friends and family we are doing our best to not rush it and wait for that “ah ha!” moment! 

We are so excited and cant wait to start filming and more importantly find our first home! More updates coming your way soon! For those of you who have purchased a home what's the best advice you have to offer?