Oct 1, 2011

So Much GLITTER! Round {2}

Okay guys, I'm back for round two! I just can't get enough glitter!! If you missed my first post on Glitter Sole Shoes you can find it HERE. This time I used Martha Stewart's White Gold Glitter and let me just tell you these shoes ROCK! Check out these beauties, I can't wait to wear them out tonight!!

I've already done a tutorial on these but I'll give you a quick run down again. I changed it up a little from the last time but both methods work.

Here Is What You'll Need:
- Fine powder glitter
- Mod Podge - Gloss
- Paintbrush
- Shoes
- Paper plate

Start by cleaning the area you will be painting on your shoes and tape off your shoe if you're a messy painter. Next, mix your glitter and Mod Podge. There is no specific amount, just enough glue to cover the sole and add some glitter for a base coat. Paint your shoe soles evenly with your glitter/glue mix and then sprinkle your dry glitter on top of the glue. Cover the entire sole with dry glitter and then tap off any excess. Your shoe sole should now be completely covered with glitter. Allow that to dry for 20 minutes and then paint on another coat of plain Mod Podge, not the glitter/glue mix. Your shoe will now look something like this.
Don't worry, it will dry clear and shiny, I promise! You are now done! Can you believe how easy that is? Let your Mod Podge dry for a few hours before wearing and then you rock those heels ladies! Here are a few shots of my finished product.

 These would be great for weddings, prom, or just a night out on the town! Knowing me I will be wearing these to work all the time! One of the many advantages of working where I do, everyday is a fashion show and the hallway is my runway! Enjoy!