Oct 8, 2011

Guest Blogger - Kim Sasse

Hey gang! As you read this I'm most likely on a limo wine tasting tour, sipping on some wine, enjoying the beautiful town of Fredricksburg, TX for my big sister's bachelorette party!!! Who knows what trouble we're getting into right now! While I'm away I have a wonderful guest blogger for you to get to know, Kim Sasse, from The Sasse Life. Yes, you pronounce it just like the word SASSY! What a cool last name right? Well, this girl is a junkyard, craigslist, DIY diva and she has one awesome project to share with us today, enjoy!

Hello all of Audra's lovely followers!

 I'm stopping by to do a post about a suitcase chair I made.  First let me introduce myself, my name is Kim.  Just like Audra, I also live in Dallas and also maybe just a little craft & DIY obsessed.  Ok, I have to admit I have a problem, I'm addicted to Craigslist. How else do you think I came across this old suitcase (better known as the closet hog)
Let me introduce the not-so-pretty-closet-hog.

The first thing that had to go was that color, not to mention all the scratches. He even had a sticker that said "inspected - 1955".

Now let’s do some simple math problems.

Now to let that dry.

Pre-made table/chair legs might just be the greatest thing next to sliced bread.

Once those were painted.. I moved on to tufting.

Add a little thread and you get this:

I got 2 yards of just plain white fabric for a whooping $3.00 (gotta love those 40% off Hobby Lobby coupons)
I was given a hand me down Carebear blanket when I was pregnant. Nothing against Carebears but I just didn't see my son walking around with it. Since it was made with batting it was enough extra cushion I needed. (Recycling is good, right?) And for the pillows.. we actually have too many pillows around here. I know, I know.. there is such thing as too many pillows?!

Thank goodness for husbands to drill holes and screw on the angle braces and the legs.  Then we added some plywood and foam (don't have a picture of this boring step)

After attaching the painted legs. Baby is always willing to help out too.

Ok.. now it's time..

drum roll please

As always, baby approves :)

Thanks for having me, Audra!  If anyone has any questions or comments, please free feel to stop by The Sasse Life.

Now back to your regularly scheduled blog. :)


  1. Love this! I didn't even know a chair could be made out of a suitcase. :)

  2. Such a creative idea! Cute and chic!

  3. WOW How interesting and different!!

    [Audra - I hope you're having a great time at your sister's bachelorette party and I hope she has a great wedding! :o)]

    For Love of Cupcakes

  4. OMGoodness - how cool!!! Love it! I'm a Lone Star Lady too...living in Justin.

    New follower of yours and hope you'll follow me too!!


  5. What a wonderful idea! So cute!

    Coley @

  6. what a cool and creative way.. cute baby too! lol

  7. What a wonderful and creative idea. The transformation was eloquent and it can be a centerpiece on some point. Can be trademark as an Italian fine arts.


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