Sep 28, 2011

Give me SPARKLE!

**Find my fine powder glitter sole tutorial HERE!**

Some girls are just born with glitter in their veins...
Or in this case, on their shoes!
Have you seen the Rene Caovilla glitter sole heels? If you haven't, get out from whatever rock you're living under and check them out!
Aren't they awesome!? Who doesn't love a little sparkle? On my shoes? Yes, please! These bad boys will set you back a cool $1000, so why not make your own? It's easy!

Here Is What You'll Need:
- a pair of heels
- your choice of fine glitter
- mod podge
- sponge paintbrush
- acrylic sealant spray paint

Start by mixing your mod podge and glitter.

Next, paint it right on to the sole of your shoe! Make sure the sole is clean before you start. You might also want to tape it off. I have a pretty steady hand so I didn't use any tape.

Your glitter will look something like this. I used large glitter grain, which looks great, but I will use fine powder glitter for the next pair! This was just the test pair. Once you have painted the sole sprinkle on another layer of dry glitter and tap off any loose bits. Hang your shoes and let them dry for 5 or 10 minutes. Now, spray the soles with your acrylic sealant spray. Let that dry for at least an hour and you can give it a second coat if you like. Allow the shoes to dry overnight before wearing them.

How easy and cool is that!? You can also find my second post about glitter shoes using Martha Stewart's fine powder glitter HERE Now, go rock you some glitter shoes girl!

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