Sep 20, 2011

Baby Diaper Cake - Little Boy Style!

Finally, I can share with you my first diaper cake! This past weekend I attended one of my best friend's baby shower and knowing me I had to make something special with my hands to give her! I had never made one before but I have seen such cute cakes, I had to give it a go! I've had to keep it a secret for weeks and I've been dying to share!

My First Baby Diaper Cake - Little Boy Style!
Here's What You'll Need

- About 60 to 70 diapers (I used newborn size)
- Rubber bands
- Receiving blankets
- 2 Bottles
- Ribbon
- Hot glue
- Any baby items you want for the cake!

Start by rolling up your diapers and rubber banding them individually. Next, assemble them in a circle around your base bottle using a rubber band to secure them in place.
Start your next layer of diapers and keep securing them with a rubber band.
 For your base create three layers and reduce by one for each additional layer.
Wrap each of your layers in receiving blankets. Ironing them beforehand and securing them with a safety pin.
 Stack each of your layers and then comes the fun, start decorating!

I used ribbon, spoons, a teddy, and baby booties to decorate mine!
On the backside I used cute little wooden animals to hide the seams which she could later use for a craft project for her babies room!

Voila! My first diaper cake! I really hope that my next friend who gets pregnant has a little girl so I can make another one!

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