{About Me}

For as long as I can remember I've been a pretty crafty gal. Now, it's not documented, but I'm pretty sure my first words as a child were glitter and hot glue. It all started with coloring books and painting, art class and craft nights, which ultimately led to opening my first jewelry business in high school...way before Etsy was around! Years later, in 2010, I created my first blog, The Kurtz Corner, as a creative outlet and to share my affinity of all things crafty and baking. I am a happily married momma to one adorable baby boy, Peyton, and two fluffy butt babies, Howdy & Dixie (Mini Australian Shepherds). I am a native Texan and live with my husband in McKinney, TX. In my spare time you can find me baking, crafting, and blogging!

{The Hubby & I}

Justin and I started dating in January of 2009 and we have been inseparable ever since. I like to think we have a pretty unique story, meeting on a bus that we rode to class together for a year, but never speaking (we were both dating someone at the time). Not to say that we didn't notice each other from afar, glancing at one another and then looking away quickly "uh oh, did he see me looking?" hehe. Then meeting for real (actual words were exchanged this time, haha) a year later on our college campus during an Aggie football game. I was in my internship with JanSport, snapping pictures of students with a GIANT, and I mean human size, green backpack! Again, nothing became of this meeting for the second time. Low and behold, 6 months passed and I received a Facebook message from a very familiar face, Justin. "I think I know you but I don't know how" was all the message read. Trying to figure out how we knew each other we had some great conversations, about school, life, and relationships. Weeks of conversation passed and we decided it would be fun to attend a college basketball game together. That day when Justin came to pick me up I opened the door and the cutest guy you ever saw stood before me, and he was speechless. It was all very cute. Literally all he could say was "hi!" with the biggest smile on his face. The Aggies lost, but I don't think we were really paying attention to the game. It was over before it began, BOOM! Love at first sight. We spent everyday together and 5 and 1/2 months later we were engaged! Some say quick, but when you know you know. It's funny how God puts people in our lives right when we need them the most. To rescue us from destructive relationships, from the ordinary day in day out routine and turns our lives into something of purpose and gives us not only something, but someone to live for.

11 months later, on June 12, 2010 we said, "I do"
We now live in McKinney, TX  and recently had our first son. Life has been laid out so perfectly for us and we are so thankful.

I {heart} my Hubby
No one can make me laugh like this man
He's one of the hardest workers you'll ever meet
He never meets a stranger, something that I really admire
He supports me in everything that I do and believes in me even when I don't
He's my best friend