May 22, 2011

{ Happy Birthday Howdy! }

Okay, first off, Justin and I don't have kids yet so cut me a break....I am an animal lover among many other things, that is obvious. You could say Howdy is like my first son. Okay, he IS my first son and I spoil him rotten with love and treats. No we don't feed him from the table or dress him up....although I did put him in a pumpkin shirt for Halloween, but that's different! So, when my little boy had his first Birthday of course I got him a { Birthday Cake } and boy did he love it!
Isn't this the cutest little cake?! Perfect puppy size too! The cake consists of egg, peanut butter, cornflakes, and a few other things I forget and the icing is a type of yogurt icing!
{ All safe for puppies! } We finished Howdy's 1st Birthday with a little fun at the {puppy park}, Howdy's favorite place to go. I'm sure this little fella is going to sleep good tonight!


  1. Aww! He's looks like such a sweetie!

  2. He's my little boy!! Love him like a son lol Practicing for the real thing haha!


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