Jun 12, 2011

Weddings Galore!

Hello my long lost friends! 11 days since my last blog post?! What was I thinking! Oh, yeah life took over......sorry to keep you all waiting! 

Today is my Husband and I's one year wedding anniversary! We have had an amazing first year and are extremely blessed by all the Lord has provided us. It's amazing how fast a year passes by isn't it? 

Justin just started his new job back in February as the evening gown Assistant Buyer { Fancy Shmancy! } hehe...and this time of the year is his office's big Conclave. A time where all of the vendors and store Department Managers come together to see the upcoming trends! A very fun weekend filled with fashion shows, beautiful clothes and amazing food! Sadly, this fell on our anniversary *boo hoo* BUT we will be celebrating this coming weekend so we are very excited about that! 

So, while Justin is consumed with fashion shows and hobnobbing with all of the top notch vendors, { slightly jealous } I spent this weekend visiting my parents and working on crystal trees for my sisters wedding in October!!

These things take a lot more time than you would think! I got three done this weekend......only 4 more to go! Whatcha think??
I just LOVE weddings!!

Until next time my fellow bloggers and blogettes!


  1. Wow, beautiful! Purple is my favorite color :)

  2. Well then you should just buy one for your desk at work then! ;)

  3. Hi :) I'm from Brazil and I really loved this tree!!!! I do love purple and i was looking for a crystal tree.
    When I found yours I though... This is the best!!! You did an amazing job... congrats...
    So I'm here to ask you which tree and flowers did you use? And do you use hot glue to fix the flowers?
    Thanks and well done :)


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