Dec 20, 2011

12 Days of Christmas Crafts - Day 10 - Arysy Vava

**There will be no link party today, please enjoy this Christmas craft instead!**

Just a few days left in the 12 Days of Christmas Crafts! Yes, I said a few, I have some bonus days lined up for y'all! There were just so many people interested and such great ideas! Today is day ten and we have Virginia here from Artsy VaVa who is going to show us how to make some fun and beautiful garland for our Christmas trees!

I am so excited to be hosting today during the 12 Days of Christmas Crafts here at The Kurtz Corner! I am Virginia, a.k.a. ArtsyVaVa and I have been a follower of The Kurtz Corner for quite some time and love the inspiration I get from Audra's blog. So, thank you, Audra, for having me today!

I have always been an artist! When I was little and the other kids were selling lemonade from roadside stands, I was selling paintings that my mother would lovingly hang on fishing line she strung between pine trees. Looking back, I'm sure she called the neighbors and asked them to stop and buy a painting for a nickel! If I am not in the midst of creating something, then I am probably thinking about what to create next!

I recently created this vintage looking spool garland...
Here's how I did it...
 I started out covering wooden spools that I bought at the craft store with sheet music that I printed from the Graphics Fairy website.
I used a damp rag to apply red acrylic paint to wooden beads. I used this technique to give the beads a marbled look rather than having complete coverage...

Next, I cut a long piece of green jute and tied a loop in one end...
I wrapped the other end of jute with tape to make it easier to thread through the beads and spools...

I tied a knot about 8 inches away from the end of the jute and added a bead, a spool, and another bead and then tied another know to hold it all in place...

I threaded on a rusty metal star ornament and tied it in place about 6 inches away from the last bead...

I continued this process alternating the beads and spool with the stars until I had about a 6 foot garland.

I love the vintage, yet rustic feel of this garland...

This was an easy and inexpensive garland that will make a big impact on my Christmas tree!


  1. Thanks for having me, Audra! Have a Merry Christmas!!!

  2. How adorable, I love how prim it looks!

  3. This is great!!...where do you purchase green jute from? I've never seen it.

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