Jul 17, 2012

15 Beautiful Block Party Ideas

Give me an excuse to plan a good party any day and I am one happy camper! Most find it stressful, but I find it rewarding and fun! In preparation for my Husband and I's HGTV My First Place episode I have pinned numerous ideas to throw a fun watch party! Since it is summer I am loving fun a flirty bright colors! Hopefully you find these pins as inspiring as I did. Below are a few of my fave pins from my Ultimate Block Party Pinterest boards.

I think these are probably the most beautiful flowers I've seen! Such color and variety, sure to make your tables pop and standout! Stretch your bouquets by using stout mason jars and using less flowers in each.

To me, Sunflowers just scream summer. While these are beautiful as is you could make these easily with other kinds of silk flowers so that you can use them all year round! Use Styrofoam floral balls and hot glue the head of flowers all over each ball. String up with some twine and hang.

I have recently fallen in love with Dahlias, aren't they gorgeous?? Use three to fill up a small vase and place sporadically through your tablescape. The confetti here is a great touch too!

{find it on my block party pinterest board}
Cover simple mason jars with mod podge and tissue paper and create a beautiful garden of lights for your backyard and patio. Use LED lights to prevent overheating and keep safe for little ones you may have running around in the yard.

{find it on my block party pinterest board}
Are these awesome or what? Light your outdoor tables from underneath to give your linens a warm glow. You can use the easy touch round lights and attach them to the table bottoms with Velcro.

Every block party needs some entertainment, why not create you own custom cornhole boards? If you haven't played corehole you should try it first chance you get. Fun for the whole family, whether you're are at a tailgate, on the beach, at a wedding or just hanging out with friends!

I've always wanted to make one of these photo booth walls! A very fun and different way to capture memories at a wedding or party. 

Bubble bottles with pipe cleaner wands, such cute presentation! These would be great for a wedding send off or to entertain kids at a party!

Sweet Treats
I just love these mini sprinkle whoopie pies! The perfect bite size, bet you can't just eat one!

I've seen cute little fruit cookies before but not this many together and with such cute presentation!

Fondue station! Now this is a fun activity for kids and even adults! Yes, it can get messy, but still a lot of fun! Try laying down parchment paper and labeling each topping. Perfect for a block party or kids event!

I personally can't wait to try these cookie dough popsicles! Made with almond milk, these are supposed to be low fat and low calorie...ummm, heck yeah!

Thirst Quenchers
I really love a good sangria and these look delicious!

Okay, I know this isn't a novel idea, freezing fruit in ice cubes, but I honestly never think to do it! Perfect for adding color to your party drinks!

Brighten up your tablescape with some bright mason jar goblets! These are so cute and you can customize with whatever color you like. You can make these on your own with candles sticks and mason jars or buy them online!

You can find even more block party idea on my Ultimate Block Party Pinterest board, happy pinning!


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  3. AnonymousJuly 18, 2012

    Everything here is awesome, I will have to share it with my sister who is wedding planning.
    I especially love the petal table cloth :)

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  7. Oh I LOVE these ideas! Going to go follow you on Pinterest right now :-). I too, love to plan parties...so much fun dreaming up a theme. Just found your blog through the blog hop, and am so glad I did! I really enjoy your style, and look forward to following your posts! Nice to "meet" you :-)

  8. These all look so lovely, they really do. I love the picture frame idea :)

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