Oct 19, 2012

Our HGTV Episode - Watch it here!

For those who have been following along and for those that may have missed it, my husband and I were featured on HGTV last month in an episode of HGTVs show My First Place! After 9 long months of filming our episode finally aired in September. We had a fun little watch party with all of our friends and family in our new home and boy did we laugh a lot! I think we rewound it about ten times so we could re-watch scenes because we were laughing so hard! Be sure to really listen at the end, we were on the LAST day of filming and Justin could not get his lines right...you'll hear me yelling in the background and the film crew laughing! We had so much fun and are so happy with how it turned out! Below is the video if you missed it or want to watch it again! There are a few black screen pauses, but don't click out, it will play the full 24 minute, enjoy!