Feb 24, 2013

Shabby Chic Nursery Chandelier

Today I'm sharing a very special post with you! Why so special? Because I'm going to be an Aunt!! I hadn't officially posted about it yet, but better late than never! My sister is due in late May, and revealed to the family on Christmas day that she was having a little girl. Hollynd Ainara Hardman, so precious! Preparing for Hollynd's debut, my sister requested that I make her a lace chandelier to go above her rocking chair. Now, when Hollynd is wailing at 2:00am for a late night snack or diaper change my sister will have a beautiful lace chandelier to admire.

For this project you will need:
- three looms of different sizes - large to small
- lace
- ribbon
- pearls
- rosettes
- hot glue
- fishing wire

This is definitely a two person project! You will need a crafting buddy to help you by holding the looms thought the project and when hanging it. My lovely mother, aka Grandma NeNe, helped me from start to finish :)

You'll want to start by deciding which lace will go on each of the three loom layers. If you have multiple layers per loom that you can glue together, it is helpful to glue them together first. I also suggest gluing the lace onto the loom first before cutting it, curves and lace can be tricky at times. 

I started by gluing a single layer to the inside curve of my loom.

Next, add your other lace layers to the outside of the loom. This will hide the wood, unless you want it to be seen. You can add as many layers to each loom as you'd like. Just do what you think looks best, you can't go wrong! Continue this with the other two looms. You can add pearls and ribbon for different textures.

Once your looms are complete you will want to hang the first one from the light fixture or ceiling. For this project, my sister wanted it to cover a light, so we attached it to the cord using a safety pin which went through the ribbons and between the cord twists. If you are covering a light, make sure that it is a low watt bulb and that it does not produce a ton of heat.

For the first level of the chandelier you will use three ribbons to hang it. The second and third layers will each be hung using three pieces of fishing wire (six pieces total). Attach the second layer to the first using the wire, and then the third to the second. I just tied it through the lace and made a few knots, completely unnoticeable. 

It may take you a few times to get the wire levels just right. Add any embellishments and you're done! Aren't little girls rooms so much fun to decorate!?!