Jul 18, 2013

Letters to Baby K - Week 13

We have officially entered the 2nd trimester, whoo hoo!! I am slowly, but surely, feeling less and less nauseous. Thank goodness! My sister was blessed with hardly, if any, nausea/morning sickness. My mother on the other hand had it for 3 months with my sister and 5 months with me! I pray I don't follow in her footsteps in that aspect. Fortunately I can feel it getting better and I am so grateful for that! Other than the sporadic bouts with nausea, sore ta-tas lol and a tiny pimple breakout I've been pretty symptom free. Well I take that back...middle of the night potty breaks run rampant and of course my belly is really expanding! Surprising, I've only gained about 3 lbs which is amazing with how much my tummy has grown. I guess if you are a small person with a small frame you might show earlier than most? Either way it doesn't bother me, I love having a bump! I think prego women are just the cutest! Especially when they're in their 2nd trimester and their bumps really start filling out! However, pants have become the enemy. Not that they don't button/fit because they do. They just feel tight and uncomfortable when I sit, which is all day at my desk. I think it's time to A. buy a belly band, B. borrow some maternity pants from my sister, C. invest in more maxi dresses, or D. all the above....I'm going with D.

Today, Justin and I visit the Dr. for the 1st trimester screening to test for downs and any other possible chromosomal abnormality. I'm sure everything will be just fine, but I can't help but be a little nervous. Justin is as cool at a cucumber, he's not a worrier like me. I'm keeping my mind off of it and just looking forward to seeing little Baby K wiggle all over that ultrasound monitor! It is such an amazing feeling to see something that is a part of you coming to life and growing right in front of your eyes! I well up with pride and love every time I see that little one on the big screen. I can't wait to find out if it's a boy or girl and finally feel some movements!! Okay, I think that's enough updates for now. I hope to see you back next week for the week 14 post!

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