Mar 16, 2014

Baby Update - Three Months Old

Another month has come and gone and Peyton sure has grown right before our eyes! This month we started daycare and surprisingly it was a pretty easy transition for Peyton and myself. Don't get me wrong, I want nothing more than to be able to stay home with my punkin, but alas that second income is hard to give up. The two weeks prior to starting daycare my mother and sister each took a week and watched Peyton as I returned to work. I think this definitely made the transition easier. I was away from him for 8 to 9 hours, but I knew he was in great hands, so leaving him wasn't as hard. I think that was the biggest help in coping with leaving him at daycare.

New on the list of Peyton skills is smiling (my favorite!), making new sounds, discovering our tongue, holding our head up better and starting to grasp.

Oh.My.Goodness! My heart just about melts every time this little guy smiles. It seriously is the best feeling in the world to see that big smile spread across his little face! He is obviously starting to enjoy certain things, like when I make sounds and play with him. Since he has started really smiling (not those funny gassy smiles) I have also discovered that he shares another trait with mommy. A dimple! I have a dimple on my right cheek and little man does too! It's pretty stinkin adorable. I am so amazed by how much I share in common with him especially since the first born typically tends to favor the father. However, he is definitely starting to look more and more like Justin. He's just the perfect little mix between the two of us. He for sure has my eye color, lips, dimple, widows peek, and hair color.

We're also starting to catch up with full term babies! Peyton is now 23 inches long and about 11.5 lbs. I'm venturing to guess that he will share his daddy's height...dear God, please don't let him be short like me!

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  1. What a honey! Enjoy it - he'll go from 3 months to 3 years in a flash (my Avery's 3 on Saturday and I can hardly even believe it's been that long!)



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