Jun 24, 2014

No Sew Fringe Scarf & Bikini Wrap

We all love quick and easy projects, am I right? Well, here is a great one that you can make for the Fall or Summer! If you don't like to wear scarves, no problem, use it as a bikini wrap! Don't wear bikini wraps? That's okay, use it as a scarf instead! Don't like scarves or bikini wraps?...well, ummm, wear it as a cape?

For this project you will need:
+ light weight fabric (31x31in or larger depending on how large you need it)
+ Lion Brand Fettuccini Yarn
+ scissors

You can use any light weight fabric for this DIY project. Just make sure that it is a fabric that does not fray, otherwise you will need to add a hem around the edges (which kind of defeats the purpose of a no sew project).

Show me your creations and I'll feature them on my Facebook page and Twitter page!

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