Oct 3, 2014

Easy DIY Halloween Treats - Chocolate Eye Pie

Hip-hip-hooray!! It's finally October, and you know that means! Leaves are a changin', cool weather is rolling in, football season is in full swing and it's time to unleash pumpkin EVERYTHING! I just love Fall, don't you? Well, in honor of the first week of October I thought I'd whip up a fun and easy Halloween treat! The mini Chocolate Eye Pies are a great treat that you can make with your kiddos or throw together if you need a last minute party dessert.

What you'll need:
- mini pie crusts
- Jello chocolate mousse
- milk
- candy buttons
- white chocolate or yogurt cover raisins
- Wilton food writers
- Wilton cookie icing

How-to Video:

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  1. This looks delicious - I can't wait to try it. :)

    xx Nicole Rose


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