Nov 8, 2011

Cupcake Christmas Ornaments


It's is my absolute favorite time of the year! Time to dust off your jingle bells, pour yourself some peppermint hot coco and make something for Christmas! I always loved making Christmas ornaments as a kid, and well, I still do! I love putting up the tree with my family and looking back at all of the ornaments I made as a kid. So many wonderful memories. I can't wait to make more of those memories with my kids someday! Every so often I like to switch up Christmas tree themes and this year I want a sweets tree decked out in candies and cupcakes! To start off the new theme I've created these cute little pink iced cupcakes. I think they turned out cute, what do you think? Want to make some of your own? Keep reading!

Cupcake Supplies:
1. Plastic ornaments (I used white)
2. Glitter!
3. Cupcake liners
4. Mod Podge
5. Hot glue
6. Red sparkle balls (Christmas section of Hobby Lobby)

Step 1
Remove the ornament hanger

Step 2
Hot glue your ornament into the cupcake liner, top side down

Step 3
Hot glue all around so that the liner is secure

Step 4
Create a Mod Podge/glitter mixture and paint onto your ornament

Step 5
Sprinkle on some dry glitter and tap off any excess

Step 6
Insert your ornament hanger into your "cherry" (Styrofoam works best)

Step 7
Allow your ornament to fully dry and then hot glue on your "cherry"
You're done!

These are really fun and easy to make! They would be a great craft for kids as well. Just remember, parents handle the hot glue, we don't want to burn the kiddos! Here are a few shots of my finished cupcakes, enjoy!
{Cupcake tower tutorial coming soon!}