Nov 25, 2012

Easy Cupcake Christmas Ornaments

Last year, I shared a DIY Cupcake Christmas Ornaments post that has had a phenomenal turn out, and the traffic just keeps pouring in! If you're a long time follower of The Kurtz Corner, then you'll remember I was in the middle of buying our first house this time last year, and did not get to decorate for Christmas. Before I knew when we were moving last year, I was working on a sweets themed Christmas tree. Well, I finally got my wish this year! We all know how expensive ornaments are, and we definitely can't buy everything we want all in one year, so we collect a few each year. This year, I found these adorable faux cupcakes in the plastic food section at Hobby Lobby. Not sure what you would call that section in the store?? You'll find the plastic fruit, baguettes, and grapes in this section. You'll also find three varieties of these oh-so-cute cupcakes! Now, they aren't ornaments, they're meant to be placed on plates or serving pieces as decoration, but I saw them and thought 'why not ornaments!?' They're way more realistic than the glass or plastic ones in the Christmas section, which I love, and easy to turn into an ornament.

For this easy DIY project you will need:
  • Cupcakes - which come in a box of 2 for $10, but with a trusty Hobby Lobby 40% or 50% off coupon you can snag them for around $6
  • Screw eyes - 1/2 x 1/2" seen below
  • Jute or wire ornament hangers

Screw eyes which you can find at Lowes or Home Depot
These cupcake are made from foam, so all you need to do is press in the screw eye and twist until it is fully screwed in. Use some jute string or normal wire for a hanger. It's really that easy! I like these a lot because they aren't fragile. When you have two pups and a sometimes-clumsy-husband, non-breakable is a good thing! They also look super realistic and are so much cuter than the plastic ones you find.