Nov 21, 2012

Free Christmas Subway Art Printable!

I have definitely fallen behind on my Christmas crafting. Anyone else feel like they're on the road 24/7 during this time of the year? I've actually resorted to crafting in the car on these long holiday roadtrips! I'm not surprised though, most women, especially us bloggy gals, are the queens of multitasking! So, today on our three hour drive to my hometown, I took the opportunity to do, what I thought would be, an easy "car craft" - A Christmas Subway Art Printable! Well, it turned out great, but it wasn't as easy as I had anticipated, ha! Imagine the sun blaring down through the car window, making it impossible to decipher color shades and control my mouse. Thinking about it just makes me laugh!

So, here it is, my free Christmas subway art printable! I made this one in blue and silver because it matches our living room Christmas theme. I'll also be putting out a more traditional red, green, and gold printable next week. We're the crazy couple who has two Christmas trees, one in the sitting room and one in the living room, both with different themes...we just love Christmas!! The site I was offering this printable on is no longer free, bummer. To download, right click and save the image. This printable should be printed at 100% in an 8x10 format to fit an 8x10 frame. You will need to trim the edges to fit your frame. I would also suggest getting it printed on cardstock, it will look much nicer! Enjoy!