Jun 17, 2012

Blog Tips: Activating Blogger Threaded Comments

My typical posts consist of glitter or sugar, but today I thought I would do a post about blog tips! This might not be new to some of you, but if you are like me you'll be really excited to find this fix! If you weren't already aware Blogger hasn't always had the threaded comment replies, which was quite annoying. But, the people spoke and Blogger listened! You now have the option of threaded comments where there is a reply button for each comment left on your posts. For most of us who use Blogger built templates, the threaded comment replies will be automatically activated. If you do not see the comment reply button (which was my case), here is a check list to get them up and running:

First, check to make sure your comment form is set as embed - Go to Settings > Comments > Comment Form Placement > Select "Embedded below post". Make sure to scroll to the foot of the page and save.

The next step is to set your site feed to full - Got to Settings > Site feed > Allow Blog Feeds > From the drop down menu choose "Full". Scroll to the foot of the page and save.

When you have completed these steps, save and refresh your blog and you should be good to go! If you still don't see the comment reply button, try clearing your browser's cache. Now if ALL of that fails you may not be using a Blogger template or there may be some coding in your current template preventing the threaded comment form.

I hope this has helped improve your blog, I know I was really excited when I figured it out! Happy commenting!