Nov 29, 2013

DIY Pallet Shelf With YouTube Video

Pallet projects have become SO popular lately, so why not do another DIY project featuring that oh so beautiful pallet wood? Our little bundle of joy's nursery is almost complete and a few weeks ago I was able to make one last project before being put on bed rest. I loved the way our DIY Pallet Wine Rack turned out and I wanted to make something similar for Peyton's nursery, but with knobs so that we could use them to hang jackets or bags on.

The first time I posted about my DIY Pallet Wine Rack I listed instructions in the blog, but found that it was pretty difficult to put into words all of the steps we took to make it. This time I decided to make a YouTube video so that you can see exactly what I'm doing and hear me talk my way through it! I love the way that it came out and I know that if I can make one at 29/30 weeks pregnant you can too! However, please be sure to check with your Doctor before attempting this project if you are pregnant. Just like working out this can be a strenuous activity and you should always check with your Doctor before doing an activity you are not accustomed to doing while pregnant. Worse comes to worse, just add it to your hubby's Honey-Do List!

Materials Needed:
- 1 pallet
- Jigsaw or circular saw
- Reciprocating saw with metal cutting blade
- Electric sander or sand paper (180 grit)
- Power drill
- Drill bits
- Drywall screws
- Metal mending braces
- Hammer
- Stain
- Paintbrush
- Junk cloth (to wipe the stain off)
- Drop cloth
- Decorative knobs

Video How-To:

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