Nov 2, 2013

Maternity Photos (Part 2)

I was able to finally finish downloading all of my maternity photos and actually pick a few faves. Picking faves from almost 400 photos is hard work! Especially when you have such an amazing photographer. If you missed my other post, you can find part 1 of my maternity photos in the Week 27 Maternity Photos (Part 1) post.

This second round of photos was done at White Rock Lake in Dallas, TX. The weather was just amazing! A perfect sunset and 70 degrees, ahhh, heaven! It was a long day of shooting and I was tuckered out for sure, but I could not be happier with the results and I will forever rave of the talented Mrs. Candace Moore of Minerva House Photography.

If this is your first time on the blog feel free to check out some of my previous pregnancy posts! I hope you'll stick around for the long haul!

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  1. You look amazing!!! GREAT pictures!!! Now I wish I'd done maternity portraits!

  2. look gorgeous...wonderful pics for sure and wish you all the best for your pregnancy...Greetings from Indonesia :D...

  3. Awesome pics! We also did a maternity shoot years ago, but in a studio, outside is also a great idea!!! :) Danica

  4. You really have a great photographer. My favorites are the ones in the field. Truly amazing.

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