Oct 28, 2013

Week 27 Maternity Photos (Part 1)

This week, instead of sharing my normal weekly letter, I decided to just share my Maternity photos!! Partly due to the fact that I had no time to do the letter, but you didn't hear that from me!

I must say, I have one FANTASTIC photographer! She's a woman after my own heart. She's strong, beautiful, creative, hilarious, and most importantly and Aggie!! Her name is Candace Moore and she is the genius behind Minerva House. She is located in Houston, TX, in case you want to give her a holler, but I know she is always happy to travel! I knew choosing Candace would be a decision I'd never regret. She went above and beyond what I imagined...I mean, I knew the images would come out great, but man, I'm just blown away at her ability to capture my vision so perfectly!

I wanted something rustic, timeless, soft, and dramatic. I love sunrise and sunset images, it really is the perfect light for pictures. I wanted it to capture the beauty of Texas in the Fall, especially since I am a Texas gal through and through, born and raised in the country. The weather could not have been better for exactly that! 68 degrees and sunny, thank you Lord!

I won't bore you with all of the details of the day, but I will say the coolest part of the day was having a giant Monarch butterfly land on me! We got some really pretty shots and I'll chalk that up to some good pregnancy luck!

In the end, I walked away with over 300 gorgeous images to remember this wonderful time in our lives. Here are a few lots of faves from my maternity photo shoot! I'm so horrible at picking favorites, I just can't do it. This is part 1 and I'll post part 2 in a few days because they take forever to download! Hopefully, these will inspire your future maternity shoot! Enjoy.

If this is your first time on the blog feel free to check out some of my previous pregnancy posts! I hope you'll stick around for the long haul!

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