Aug 11, 2013

Baby K's Gender Reveal!

This weekend we finally learned the gender of Baby K!! The anticipation leading up our big day was thrilling and overwhelmingly exciting. Like the thrill and happiness you felt the day you met your husband, after your husband proposed, and the day you said I do all rolled in to one big ball!

One of my very best friends, Mandy, threw us a beautiful gender reveal, for which I will always be extremely grateful. Our gender reveal was far from typical and so much fun! Mandy knows that I love creativity and that I always strive to do something that's original and new. However, Mandy, being the little stinker that she is decided to tease all of us with the ways that I requested she not reveal the gender. (I still love you Mandy!!) Gender reveals have become so popular and there are tons of pins on Pinterest of people doing the cake reveal, the balloon box reveal, and games that lead to a gender specific phrase. Not that any of those aren't super cute ways to reveal the baby's gender, but I just wanted to be surprised in a very special/original way and boy did Mandy knock it out of the park! I had never seen or heard of the way that she chose to reveal the gender.

To start, Mandy had everyone guess the gender by wearing a pin and putting a tally on a board for girl or boy. Throughout the party we played games in teams (team boy and team girl). First, Mandy asked that we gather to draw the way that Baby K's gender would be revealed. Justin drew first and selected "Cake". Everyone headed to the formal dining room to watch in anticipation as we cut the question mark cake!
To our surprise the cake had yellow filling and was not the way we would find out the gender. You can see Mandy in the left corner enjoying her little tick, haha! So, cake was passed out and another game was played to build up more anticipation.
After the game it was my turn to draw the way we would reveal Baby K's gender...or so I thought. I drew "Balloons" which meant the balloon box reveal. Thinking this was it we all headed to the back yard!
With out hearts pounding we pulled the ribbon on the box annnddd of course the balloons were white! Does this mean I'm not pregnant!?! What the heck! lol So this was also not the way we would reveal Baby K's gender. Again, we all headed inside to play one last game.

After the last game was played Mandy finally assured us that the third and last way would definitely reveal Baby K's gender! Everyone was instructed to gather in a circle to read a story. Unbeknownst to everyone, guests had been signing a children's book titled "I Love You So" as the guest book seen in the first picture of this blog. Once we had gathered Mandy passed out small white bags with stuffing in them. We were instructed not to peek or open them, but to instead listen to the story and every time the word "Love" was read pass your bag to the person on your right. We were then told one person's bag contained Baby K's gender and to shout it out when we found it. Secretly, all of the bags had a small charm that said "It's A Boy" tied to a ribbon in them. As Mandy read the book we passed the bags around and of course my waterworks started flowing! The story was so sweet and heartwarming, I couldn't help but bawl like a baby. When the story ended everyone tore into their bags searching for Baby K's gender. I was thinking something blue or pink would be in the bag so when I didn't see color I searched the room for the winner. To my right I heard a soft question, "It's a boy?" it took like two seconds and the room erupted with cheers and hollers of "IT'S A BOY!!" The loudest coming from where Justin and his friends were sitting lol. Justin's brother filmed the entire thing, a wonderful keepsake and the perfect ending! See it here below.

Yep, Baby K is a sweet baby boy!! My gut feeling was wrong! Actually, I had originally thought Baby K was a boy, but then changed my mind when pretty much ALL of the old wives tales were pointing to girl. It just goes to show you that they are exactly that, old wives tales, don't believe them! Haha! Justin and I are just over the moon excited that we're having a boy! Justin is oober excited to do all of the daddy and son things with his son. Gah! Just music to my ears, our son!!

After much deliberation we decided on the name Peyton Charles Kurtz. I think it just flows so well, don't you?

We had the absolute best time at our gender reveal and cannot thank Mandy and all of our friends and family who attended enough for making it such a special day! We love you all very much! Here are a few more pictures for the party. I can't wait to update you with more week by week bump photos and letters to Peyton!! See you in a few days for week 17!
Sharing a hug after finding out Baby K's gender...don't mind the running mascara lol
hugs all around!
Inspecting the sonograms, yep, it's definitely a boy! Haha!
Giving Mandy a big ole bear hug!
One proud daddy.
With my mom. Dad had to miss for work.
Justin's Dad and Step-mom
Justin's mom