Aug 22, 2013

Letters to Baby K - Week 18

There is a definite bun in the oven and it's a growin'! Peyton has started moving a whole lot more and I can really feel it now! It's still the soft subtle "popcorn pops" slash "knocking", but they are stronger than they were when I first felt them back during week 16. Still waiting on a hard kick! I do think I can feel him rolling, but only when I'm laying flat on my back. It feels like odd pressure in my belly, like a big fish kind of swimming? It's so hard to describe the feeling to someone who's never been pregnant. I mean seriously, what person would know what popcorn popping or a fish swimming in your belly felt like if they've never been pregnant!? "Oh yeah, a fish swimming in your belly, I know exactly what you're talking about"...said no one ever! Whether you understand what I mean or not, just know, it is the most wonderful feeling in the world! You feel so connected to the little one inside of you, an unbreakable bond that no one else will experience besides you and your baby. Makes me all warm and fuzzy just thinking about it! I can also now feel Peyton kicking from the outside with my hand firmly pressed against my lower stomach. Justin has tried many times to feel it, but no such luck. I have no idea how he can't feel it! I guess I can just feel it more because I can feel him kicking from the inside and outside simultaneously so it's easier for me. But, we all know how men are, haha! He probably is zoning in and out and just doesn't notice it with his hand resting there. Oh well, the time will soon come when he can feel the hard kicks! And the last cool thing I can now feel is Peyton pressing up against the wall of my uterus from the outside. Again it's only when I'm laying down. All of the sudden I'll feel him roll and then a hard bump forms on my lower stomach. Then if I poke it, gently of course, within a few seconds or minutes it will disappear when he rolls again! Ahh, it's just so crazy to experience for the first time!

And in baby growth news, Peyton should now be around 5 to 6 inches from head to rump, the size of a bell pepper, and weigh about 5.5 oz. It's hard to believe I can feel 5.5 oz moving! That's so tiny! Next week I will be going in for my next check up/sonogram (19 weeks), so we will see just how big he actually is. I can't wait!!

If this is you first time on the blog be sure to check out the previous week posts and our gender reveal! Hope to see you back for week 19!

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