Aug 7, 2013

Letters to Baby K - Week 16

What a quick week 15 was! Remember how I said pregnancy brain was getting bad? Yeah, it hit it's peak this week with me driving the wrong way down a one way street! Luckily, it wasn't a busy road and I quickly realized what I was doing and was able to laugh at myself while my friend Mandy, who I was on the phone with, hysterically laughed at me! Gotta love your best friends! Besides the pregnancy brain I am steadily gaining healthy weight and am up about 6 lbs. I have also started having some mild back pain when I wake up even though I am sleeping with my prego pillow between my legs, hopefully that doesn't get worse, although I'm sure it will. Nausea has also disappeared (for now), hooray! I would rather be in pain than be nauseous. Although, brushing my teeth does make me gag and sometimes the texture of my gummy prenatal vitamins make me feel like I'm chewing on something weird, like skin...*cringe!* Even with all the new symptoms I do think I have hit my cheery stage of pregnancy and my energy is coming back. I learned that the three stages of pregnancy are weary, cheery and dreary lol. I sure hope the cheery stage lasts well into my third trimester!

The best part of this week was going to Baby K's gender ultrasound! Even though Baby K was being super stubborn, face-planted, where we couldn't get a profile view and keep its legs crossed for a good 10 minutes the nurse was finally able to see the gender! (Images below) She said she was 95% sure of the gender and that she never says 100%, although she's been doing this for 28 years...I think we'll take her word for it! Since our friend Mandy is throwing us the gender reveal we invited her to come along to the scan, I mean someone should have some fun watching the scan right!? While the nurse was doing her scan I heard Mandy get real quiet and felt the ultrasound scanner stop on my tummy. I knew that finally Baby K had opened its legs and I said "Mandy, you holding it together over there?" to which she replies "Barely!" I could tell her voice was cracking and I asked "Are you crying!?" and she says "Almost!" Now, that got my mind going in a million directions! Thinking, well maybe it's a girl and she's crying because she knows that will make me happy or maybe it's a boy and she's exited because she's thought it was a boy the whole time...I could speculate forever! Justin was turned around facing the wall and said Mandy looked over at him wide-eyed with her hand over her mouth trying to hide her expression lol. I guess we will just have to wait and see Saturday!! Gah, these next two days are going to be torture!! Can't wait to update you all on the gender very soon!!

Sonograms from the gender reveal, minus the actual gender images lol.
Baby K face planted with its legs curled to its chest lol
You can see the legs and arms curled up here like a little frog lol and that one arm in the background looking like a chicken wing haha!

And for Baby K's growth update...Baby K is 4.5 inches according to the ultrasound, weighs about 2.75 oz and is the size of an avocado! During this week Baby K's muscles are developing to the point that it can hold its head erect and make a variety of facial expressions! Boy that baby is growing fast! See you next week for week 17!

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  1. I can't wait to find out! Thanks for all the updates :)

    1. Me either, Lisa!! It has been torture waiting! Awww I'm glad you like the updates :) I'm really glad to be documenting it all. I think it will be so much fun to look back on these days 5, 10, or even 50 years from now when it feel like a distant memory and remember just how I felt!

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