Sep 5, 2013

Letters to Baby K - Week 20

Boy, oh boy...handling stress during pregnancy has definitely been a challenge. The stress of starting a new job and wanting to do the the absolute best I can, not let anyone down and on top of that worrying that I could end up in the emergency room again, ugh, I've hit my breaking point. It's all so foreign to me, too, because this is not who I am normally. Normally, things don't bother me and I don't stress. I may worry about normal things from time to time, but I am super laid back, I don't sweat the small stuff, and I laugh things (and people) off. I would say that I've developed some pretty thick skin over the past 8 years (going through college and the four years post grad), but dang man! These pregnancy hormones? Grab a freakin' life vest because the flood gates have been opened! I mean, I'm not crying over stupid weird stuff, these are legit worries of job performance and staying out of the ER. Although, I was sitting at the dinner table with my husband, it had been a great day, and I just look up at him and say, "I feel like I want to cry" haha! He looks at me concerned and ask why, to which I reply, "I have no idea!?" I really had no reason at all, my crazy, hormonal body just wanted to cry. Needless to say, I am trying my hardest to de-stress after work, take deep breaths when I'm feeling overwhelmed and of course the hubby is being super supportive. He may not always understand what I'm going through (how could he!?) but he tries his best to understand and help me cope.

Aside from learning how to deal with this crazy stress I feel and the ER visit, the only weird thing I've had to deal with is developing oral Thrush. Weird right!? Normally, babies get Thrush, but apparently during pregnancy it's not uncommon to develop Thrush because all of the changing hormones. I had heard of it, but didn't really know what it was till the nurse at my OB/GYNs suggested that's what I may have after I called complaining of sore taste buds. It literally felt like I had eaten 100 pineapples or 100 sour patch kids and my tongue was raw from the acidity. Foods tasted weird and things that shouldn't burn my tongue did. A flippin' brownie made my tongue burn, absolutely strange! It was a super simple fix though, the Dr. office gave me Nystatin, which is safe for pregnancy and all you do is swish and swallow or swish and spit it out. I took it for a few days and was golden. So, if you're prego and you're mouth starts feeling weird, you may have Thrush, and that is totally normal and easy to fix!

As you can see the bump is really starting to pop out, including my belly button lol which is half as deep as it was before I was prego. Luckily, I have no swelling so far, no stretch marks (yay!) and I've only gained 9 pounds (woo hoo!). Peyton is now the size of a small cantaloupe (ew) or banana (yum) depending on the pregnancy app you read lol. He is around 10 oz and measures around 6 to 6.5 inches from crown to rump.

Seriously, I cannot believe I'm halfway done! I just wish it would hurry up and go by faster, I'm so ready to meet my little man :) Only 140 days to go!

If this is your first time on the blog feel free to check out some of my previous pregnancy posts! I hope you'll stick around for the long haul! And yes, to all of my followers from pre-pregnancy, I WILL be posting crafts and recipes soon, it hasn't turned into just a pregnancy blog. Look out for some Fall DIYs, hopefully this weekend!

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  1. What a cute bump! Yay for being halfway through! The second half will fly by, and then the last few weeks will drag on and on and on... But, he'll be here before you know it!

    1. I am looking forward to it flying by! I can't wait to meet him and hold him! It seems like forever away!

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