Sep 16, 2013

Letters to Baby K - Week 21

Well, it's never a dull moment here in the Kurtz house. No ER visit this week, but I'm pretty sure I was having, they were not Braxton Hicks, I'm talking menstrual cramps that radiated to my lower back. After feeling these for 2 hours straight on and off I called my doctor and headed in to make sure it was nothing serious. I wasn't dilated so everything was fine. We're not entirely sure what was causing the pain, but my doctor sent me home from work to rest, drink tons of water, and monitor the pain in case I needed to head to the ER to be monitored. The pain finally subsided and I haven't felt it since. All I know is this little fella is not taking it easy on me! I am sure it could be way worse and other women have it 10x harder than I do and for that I am grateful and will "take my licks" and endure because I know this little prince with be 110% worth it!!

This week we are heading on our first dove hunting trip of the season. Yes, I know some of you are thinking, "hunting, while pregnant, are you crazy!?" and the answer is, no! Hunting is perfectly safe while pregnant. Dove hunting is super laid back, you sit pretty much the whole time. You're not climbing up trees or into hunting blinds, you're just sitting in the field. The sound from the gun isn't loud enough to even phase the baby. So, really the biggest concern is not twisting your ankle walking through a field. I'm sure some of you are still thinking, "but guns aren't safe, you could get shot!" and my answer to that is guns are perfectly safe as long as you know what you're doing, you practice safe habits, and pay attention to what you're doing. Just because I'm pregnant I refuse to lock myself away and not do the things that I enjoy (within reason of course). If anything, it's great exercise!

This week I am feeling Peyton move so much! I'm even starting to feel him roll when I am laying on my side. Before I wasn't sure of the movement, if it was rolling or not, but now I'm almost positive that's what it is. It's such an incredible feeling!

I have been very lucky to have no swelling (so far), no stretch marks which are hereditary and neither my sister nor my mother had them (feeling lucky on that one!) and my weight gain has been very steady and on the low end. Right now at 21 weeks I am up 12 pounds and hoping to stay under 30 pounds total. Here's to hoping!! I do plan to start heading back to the gym now that I am feeling much better and have more energy than I did in my 1st trimester.

This week Peyton is about the size of a carrot, measuring about 10.5 inches from head to heel and weighing in around 10.5 oz. These are all estimates of course, based on the I'm Expecting app, we will see how accurate they are at my next visit with a sono.

If this is your first time on the blog feel free to check out some of my previous pregnancy posts! I hope you'll stick around for the long haul!

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  1. I love that you are ahead of me by a few weeks so I can be prepared for whats coming next for me. You look beautiful pregnant! Glad your doing well.

  2. Congratulations on your pregnancy, love the name! My husband and I are expecting on February 1st, so it's been fun reading along with your posts.

  3. Congratulations!!!!

    I enjoyed my visit with you!! I ♥ your posts.

    I just had to "follow" you so not to miss anything! It would make me so happy if you would follow me too. :)

    Have a beautiful week!

    Lots of BIG Hugs,


  4. this is very sweet! you look great!!!


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