Sep 21, 2013

Letters to Baby K - Week 22

This has been another week of ups and downs. This past weekend we headed to Brady, TX to do a little dove hunting. It was a slow day, but between Justin and I we shot enough for a full dinner, so I'm happy! I only shot 4, but considering how slow it was I'm pretty proud for being over 20 weeks prego and able to still shoot! The weekend was great and then Tuesday came...around lunch I was struck with sudden abdominal pain that radiated to my back and then turned into left side and back pain which sent me into tears. My office was really worried and sent me home so I could go to the doctor and see what was going on. From what I had described the nurses and midwife that I saw thought I had Kidney Stones. They took a urine sample to test for an infection which came up negative. I stayed home the next day and drown myself in water. I think I drank like 12 to 15 cups. After all the water, Tylenol, and heating pad I was feeling a lot better the next day. I'm still not sure if I have Kidney Stones and I guess we won't know unless I pass them if I do. I could have pulled something in my sleep, or Peyton was pushing on a nerve, who knows! Peyton is perfectly fine according to the sono, so I feel better. Jeez, will this little guy cut me some slack? What are you doing to my body, P-man!? lol

Realistically, there's no perfect pregnancy. Every single one of us is going to go through some sort or issue or scare. If you know that going into pregnancy and just keep reminding yourself it's much easier to cope with the stress of it all. I'm feeling so much better now and have to remind myself whenever I feel stressed, "just keep swimming" it's all going to be so worth it!

On a fun note, the hubby and I have been placing bets on what we think Peyton will look like, what he will be like, who he'll get what from, just overall fun daydreaming together. We actually plan to write it down to see who guesses what right! We also have a WAY COOL project we'll be working on during his first year of life, but that's all that I can share!! I may reveal part of it month by month...or I may be evil and make you all wait a whole year to find out what it is, muahaha! It's going to be awesome, that's all I can say!

Week 22 - According to the I'm Expecting app, Peyton is now about 12.25 oz, roughly the size of a papaya, and is 10.9 inches from head to heel. I'm not so sure I believe that! I can see him moving my belly in ripples, not just teeny tiny kicks, I'm talking waves of movement! I was so pleased, the other day my mom and I were sitting on the couch, she hadn't felt him kick yet since she lives 3 hours away, and I felt him kick, so I said, "Here, feel, he's kicking now!" He stopped for a moment, but then I started talking to him saying, "Peyton, NeNe's here, she wants to feel you kick!" Immediately, on cue, Peyton kicked! Each time I called his name or said something he would respond with a kick for my mom to feel, it was so neat! He's already such a good boy, I've got this mom thing in the bag! *brushes off shoulders* haha!

If this is your first time on the blog feel free to check out some of my previous pregnancy posts! I hope you'll stick around for the long haul!

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  1. Once I started getting a serious bump in my pregnancy, I went through a stage where I had serious back spasms. It was horribly painful and I had to lay in bed perfectly flat and still on my back with a heating pad to help it go away. I was tested for kidney stones as well, but it turns out it was the pressure/weight of the baby pulling me forward that I had never had before causing all of the pain. Maybe that's the case for you as well? Hopefully things will get a little easier for you soon!

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