Feb 2, 2014

Baby's First Valentine's Day Pictures - Plus 5 Baby Photography Tips!

Are these not the sweetest pictures!? I am having so much fun taking pictures of my little man. I literally take pictures of him every day. I mostly just snap them with my cell phone camera, but I also like to go all out by dressing him up, using props and pulling out my big girl camera!

If you've ever taken pictures of a infant, baby or toddler then you know how hard it is to get them to cooperate sometimes. I by no means am a professional, but in the few short weeks that I have been photographing Peyton I have learned a few tricks! So if you care to give it a shot yourself here are some things I find helpful.

1. Most importantly, you'll want a sleepy baby if you want them to cooperate. Choose a time after he/she has eaten and has a fresh diaper so that they are ready to drift off to la la land.

2. Make the area comfortable for them by using a soft blanket. Be sure you choose a flat surface like carpeted floor. We don't want babies rolling off something and hitting their head!

3. Grab that trusty pacifier...or whatever soothes your angle. We choose to use the pacifier and Peyton is out like a light bulb when you put it in his mouth. It's like a mini on / off switch! Give your baby their soothing item and once they have drifted off gently take it away so they are photo ready. For us it's pretty easy, most of the time the pacifier just falls out of his mouth when he passes out, or we just gently slide it out of his mouth.

4. Play his/her favorite lullaby music during your photo session to keep them asleep. The music will also slightly drown out the sound of your camera's constant clicking.

5. If your baby is super fussy you can always use your spouse as a prop! Most babies love sleeping on mommy and daddy's chest, take advantage of that! Have your spouse lay on the floor, drape your blanket over them and lay baby on top. This is great for laying babies on their tummy. You know the pictures I'm taking about, the ones with the cute little tushy stuck up in the air!

And an un-baby related tip...

As always, natural light is your best friend! I take my photos in my sitting room where I have three huge 12 foot windows that let in beautiful natural light. So step away from that icky flash and get comfortable using your camera's manual setting. You can use the manual white balance setting on your camera (if you have one) or play with your shutter speed until you find the right amount of light. Again, I am no expert and have learned by simply playing with each of the settings on my camera until I find the right look.

I hope that these tips help you and that you're inspired to take some great pictures of your own. Now go grab that little one and capture some memories!


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    1. i love these! i also posted some valentine's pictures of my little guy today :) isn't it so much fun to dress them all up and take pictures?!

  2. Wonderful tips. And as for that picture, so cute.

  3. He is cute just a question for you is kurtz your last name its mine and that. Is how they spell it

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