Jul 9, 2011


It has been a fun and eventful week! { I may have overlapped into last week a little hehe }

Here is a snapshot of my week through pictures...because everyone loves pictures!

Started with a mountain of gooey chocolate goodness at the Grand Luxe Cafe
The Hubs & I on our way to Houston
Mmmm Raspberry beer!
Wives in the the backseat, on our way to Galveston!
Boo boo's...we play hard!
First fish of the day!
Here fishy fishy
Justin caught his first fish ever!
The boys kept catching eels!! Scary.....
Silly hubby
Boys will be boys....no matter how old they are
We dyed Justin's hair...he asked!...I think it looks awesome!
Mmmm, sangria

Tell me about your week!

life rearranged

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