Jul 11, 2011

Must Eat Monday

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day....I say it's just another excuse to eat bacon!!

Ever burn your bacon? Don't you just hate that?
Here is a sure fire way to get the perfect crispy and ever so slightly chewy bacon

Place bacon on cooking pan lined with foil, { edges folded up to catch the grease }
Place bacon in oven THEN pre-heat the oven to 400 degrees and set timer for 15 minutes
The key is putting the bacon in before the oven is heated
If you like your bacon more chewy than crispy take it out around 13 minutes
make sure you lay the bacon out on a paper towel and blot up some of the grease

Perfect bacon.....Mmmmm!
Now that you have perfect bacon you can make breakfast tacos!!

Add scrambled eggs! { You can whisk in milk to make them fluffy }
Dice up some avocados!
Sprinkle on some cheese and you're done!
You can also add some Pace Picante or if you're like me, Cholula!

Happy Monday Ya'll!


  1. ok i have trouble cooking bacon all.the.time. my boys wont eat it if it's burnt and they wont eat it if it's got chewy fat. this is perfect. thanks for the tip. I came buy from life made lovely. nice to meet ya. following!

  2. Yeah I hate burnt bacon too! Has to be somewhere in the middle of chewy and crispy lol my husband loves it extra crispy!

  3. now those are my kind of tacos!!!! p.s. I love your playlist!!

  4. Thanks! Love Phil Wickham

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