Feb 8, 2012

Glitter Kicks

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If you haven't had enough of my Glitter Heels HERE & HERE then you are in luck because today I have for you Glitter Kicks!
Yes, those are Ed Hardy...No, I haven't worn them since High School! They were popular at one point, key word, WERE. And yes, I have held on to them since High School. I am somewhat of a pack rat when it comes to clothes and shoes but guess what, I still fit in my High School clothes so HA! After years of hiding in the closet I figured it was time to give them a face-lift. I've had this tutorial in my back pocket since October so I figured it was time to share it!
Just like my Glitter Heels tutorial all you need is Mod Podge, Martha Stewart Fine Powder Glitter, A paper plate and a paintbrush. Mix equal parts of glitter and Mod Podge and paint a thin layer onto your shoes. Allow your first layer to dry for a few minutes, not fully dry, and then paint on a second thin layer. When finished sprinkle on your dry glitter. Cover your entire shoe and let sit. After it has dried for about half an hour tap off any excess glitter and touch up any bare spots. It's that easy! Your shoes will shed some glitter but not enough to make a difference and if it does you can always touch it up! Now go enjoy those glitter kicks and let yourself {SHINE}

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