Dec 28, 2012

HANAair Professional Hair Dryer {Product Review}

My hair can be a nightmare sometimes. If you feel the same, keep reading!

My hair is an anomaly. I'm a natural blonde, but I dye my hair black. I have naturally curly/wavy hair, but I love straightening it. I like my bangs on the left, they like to go to the right. No wonder it likes to gives me hell!

My hair is pretty long, as you'll see in the pictures below, so most mornings when I fix my hair, it takes a good hour at least to dry and style it. I get so tired of spending so long on my hair in the mornings. To cut the time down, I'll usually wash and dry it at night, sleep on it, then style it in the morning. It saves time, but it sucks waking up with crazy, frizzy, slept-on hair. THEN I have to spend more time than I normally would straightening or curling it. Why!?! I'll tell you why. It's because I'm a cheap-o and buy $25 blow dryers! I've been telling my husband how much I hate my hair dryer and have been meaning to buy a nicer one, but the budget has been tight because of the holidays, so I made do.

Well, the big man upstairs must have known I really needed a new hair dryer, because a few days after mine broke (aka you have to hold it a certain way for it to actually blow air), I received an e-mail from Misikko asking me to review their HANA Air Premiere Hair Dryer! Uhhh, a free hair dryer worth over $300 in exchange for my honest was a no brainer. A few days later my HANA box arrived packed full of goodies! Just look at everything they send you!

My package included: Hair dryer, straightener protective travel case, eyelash curler, brush, soap roses, hand sanitizer, emery boards, Godiva chocolate, and a teddy. 
I put my new hair dryer to the test the very next day. Its contender? A $25 Revlon 1875 Ionic Ceramic piece of....

For a professional dryer, the HANA Air Premiere Hair Dryer wasn't super heavy, but definitely heavier than my Revlon. The buttons were similar: Off, Low, High - Off, Warm, Hot - Cool. What I love about the HANA Air is the Cool button, it's an ACTUAL button. You don't have to hold it down to get the cool air. Once you push it, it stays cool until you push it again. Awesome! Also, the Hot setting on the HANA Air isn't scalding hot like my Revlon. Seriously, you could burn your scalp with that thing!

Okay, so the packaging = awesome, the hair dryer = sleek and easy to work, but what about the results = ?

For the test, I used both dryers under the same circumstance. Towel dried hair, no product, and dried with a flat and round brush. The results...incomparable!

In the left image I used my Revlon and in the right image my new HANA Air, what a difference! Now, I wouldn't say that my hair is leave-the-house-ready after using the HANA, but again my hair in an anomaly and very difficult. I would be more likely to leave the house after just drying it with the HANA over the Revlon. Overall, the HANA saved me about 8 minutes of drying! That may not sound like a lot, but because my hair dried in such better condition, it will also save me time when styling. Double whammy!

Moral of the story: this is one awesome hair dryer, and if you're looking to upgrade and make an investment in your hair, the HANA Air is the way to go! They'd even make wonderful holiday gifts for the beauty enthusiasts in your life.

Thanks again to Misikkio for the fantastic new hair dryer, you've saved me so much time and my hair looks great!!

*I received the HANA Air as a gift from Misikko, but was not compensated for this post. All stated opinions are my own. 


  1. Audra, I'm so jealous! I'm a Hair Stylist and I want to do a review on hair products...LOL!!

    Your hair looks great!

    1. Awww, well maybe they'll contact you too! It was so random...but I'm glad the picked me...I was in desperate need of a new hair dryer!! :)

  2. Hi, Audra

    You hair looks so smooth, it great. I have medium, but thick wavy hair and I blow my hair straight and it takes me 35 minutes to finish my hair. Ugh, not fun. I'll have to check out this blower. Thanks and have a great one.


  3. I bought this dryer recently and found it to be okay but not amazing. Many reviews I read were from girls with pretty straight or wavy hair and as a curly haired girl I didn't find that it gave me results that were much better than my generic hair dryer. Also, the buttons are a pain and all the goodies I've seen in all the reviews were misleading as I received mostly junk. Still got frizz that I had to flatiron away. Overall, not worth shelling out the money. As a side note, it's not for lack of skill as I'm very good with a blowdryer.

  4. AnonymousMay 10, 2013

    I have the exact same Revlon blow dryer. I never thought having a quality blow dryer made a difference so I just bought cheap and saved up for a quality flat iron instead. I transitioned from relaxed hair to natural. My hair never gets as straight as I want it to just blow drying it. I have to go over it with my pressing comb and my flat iron. So much heat. Misikko has it for $194 now, all I have to do is get the money! Thanks for the review!

  5. I personally love my Karmin

  6. I really prefer my Karmin dryer.


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