Dec 20, 2012

Instagram Link Up!

254 photos (and counting)  in 31 weeks…yup, I’m addicted to Instagram. I can’t be the only blogger out there addicted, right?! Of course I’m not silly heads! I follow a lot of you already and I love, love, love getting a small glimpse of your daily lives. It just makes my heart smile to see all of your happy pictures! I love it so much that I want to follow as many of you as possible, which is why I am hosting an Instagram link up today! Link up your Instagram page here and follow other bloggers like you!

Your Instagram web address will appear like this ( username here) If you’re unsure of your Instagram web address, go to and type this link in with your username following the forward slash to test it out. You will need to enter your link for the party like this ( username here).

Let's start linking! Please be sure to follow my account ( I will be the first link in the party =] You can also spread the word to others by posting a picture and hashtag is with #TKCInstagramLinkUp. Search for the hashtag to find others who are linking up and follow them! Have fun!


  1. Just shared thanks so much for the fun link up, xoxo

    1. So happy you linked up! =] Spread the word! You can tag a picture on instagram with the hashtag #TKCInstagramLinkUp

      Happy sharing!

  2. So fun Audra! Looking forward to finding some new Instagram friends :)

  3. Love this idea Audra! Thanks for hosting

  4. following!! @MIREIA_ESTEFANO

    xxxx Mireia

  5. Thank you for hosting! I shared on G+ and Facebook ;)

  6. Hi! So glad I found your link up! I just followed you! I have a weekly instagram blog post link up where you share/dump your picture into a blog post each week. It runs Tuesday-Thursday. You may be interested in it! I'll leave the link here for you:


  7. I must need a break. My link is not going to work it's missing a "/" backslash.


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