Jan 15, 2013

40 Fabulous Valentine's Day Ideas

Didn't you just love Valentine's Day in grade school? I know I sure did! I loved going to the store with my mom to pick out the boxed Valentines cards. I usually opted for something with a Disney character or Barbie on it! You were the really cool kid when you handed out the cardboard books with the two rolls of Life Savers in them, haha, am I right!? Valentines have come leaps and bounds from my childhood and people are getting really creative! I noticed this while browsing Pinterest the other night, as I do many nights, and decided I would do a round up of some of the cutest ideas I came across. So, if you're super mom/grandma/sister/aunt, whatever, and you're needing some fabulous ideas, check out any of these 40, they're sure to be a hit!

Before I get to the 40 here is what I've been working on this valentines day! A fun Valentine's Day accent for any home, a chunky arm knit pillow! Yes, I said arm knit! All you need for this project is a pillow, yarn, needle, thread and your arms. Check out the video below for a easy and fun how to!

On to the 40 fabulous Valentine's Day Ideas!