Jan 13, 2013

X-ACTO & Elmer's Goodies!

A few weeks back I received a wonderful box filled full of goodies from X-ACTO and Elmer's! I had some time to test out the great product that they sent over and I love it all! If you aren't familiar with X-ACTO or Elmer's you can head over to their websites or Facebook pages here and here and check them out! X-ACTO, the most recognized brand in precision knives, recently launched the Z-Series Knife - X-ACTO’s sharpest and most durable blade yet thanks to its coating of Zirconium Nitride. Included in my package I found:

·         X-ACTO #1 Z-Series Hobby Knife
·         X-ACTO Z-Series #11 Blades – 5 Pack
·         X-ACTO 12 x 18” White Translucent Self Healing Mat
·         X-ACTO Designer Series Metal Ruler
·         X-ACTO Designer Series 8” Scissors
·         X-ACTO Designer Series 9” Trimmer
·         X-ACTO One Hole Grip Punch
·         X-ACTO Mini StandUp Stapler
·         X-ACTO Rotating Top Handheld Pencil Sharpener
·         Elmer’s Foam and Display Board (Mini Bi-Fold and Mini Tri-Fold Boards)
·         Elmer’s Craft BOND™ Permanent Dot Runner
·         Elmer’s Acid-Free Designer Tape (3 ct.)
·         Elmer’s Painters – 5-Pack (Metallics)
·         Elmer’s Glue All

After taking some time to use the product I wanted to share some of my favorite things that they sent over.

One of my favorite items from my goody box was the X-ACTO Paper Cutter 9" Fixed Blade Board. This little guy is perfect for me and the cupcake toppers I create for my Etsy shop, Once Upon A Sprinkle. I am constantly cutting paper and this tool allows me to do it quickly and accurately. Such a wonderful time saver!

I also loved the Designer Masking tape! If you love Washi Tape you will love this tape! Use it for cards, party decorations, gift tags, and so much more!

These Painters are awesome for decorating anything! They're permanent, streak free, and best of all, they shimmer!

If you love crafting like me you should definitely pick up a few things from each brand, you'll love them!


  1. They make creativity easy.


  2. This is great stash, Audra

    Can't wait to see what you come up with. Happy Crafting.



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