Mar 29, 2012

Diamond Candles - Product Review

If you're like me, gift buying for girlfriends can be a little daunting. Let's face it ladies, sometimes we are hard to shop for! You want to get a nice gift, but what if they don't like it? No one wants to be known  as a bad gifter, right?! Do you get a gift card?...too impersonal. Or what about a mani pedi combo?...its been done. Dinner and drinks? boring! But what if I told you that you could give your girlfriends, moms, sister, aunts or grandmothers...wait for!? Yep, I said diamonds! Not only that, with those diamonds you could give them a great big, yummy smelling, fill your room with deliciousness, candle! Hold on a second, I bet you're thinking, "those two things don't go together." Well, my friends, they sure do! They're called Diamond Candles! These candles come in a variety of oh-so-yummy flavors, and for only $24.95 you might want to buy one in every scent! I was so excited when Diamond Candles contacted me to do this product review, one, because I love candles and two, well, I love diamonds way more than I love candles!! Joking aside, I really do love this product!
Here's the scoop on Diamond Candles:
With the purchase of each Earth friendly soy candle, you are in store for an exciting 'ring reveal'! You could find a ring worth $10, $100, $1000 or $5000! A gift within a gift? Sign me up! The particular candle that I received was Chocolate Truffle and, let me tell you, it is heavenly! My house is filled with the wonderful aroma of chocolate, yum! About 3 to 4 hours of burning is required before the big ring reveal...but let's face it, most of us can't stand the wait and will be digging like mad women for that ring! When you can see the gold foil, which your ring has been carefully wrapped in, blow out your candle and use something like tweezers or a plastic spoon to fish out your ring. Be sure to have some paper towels handy because that wax can get messy! Each candle holds a unique ring, which is great because you can collect a variety! To determine the value of your ring, look on the inside of the ring. If there is something stamped like China or Thailand, your ring is most likely worth $10. If your ring has something printed like 10K, your ring is most likely worth more than $100! To get an accurate estimate, you will want to take your ring to a jeweler. Sadly, I was not lucky, my ring is probably worth $10, however, I still think it's really cute and it fits my tiny fingers! It actually reminds me of a Konstantino ring, dontcha think?
How fun are these candles?! I am really enjoying mine! I hope that you will stop by their website and maybe even buy a candle or two! If you do, be sure to visit their Facebook page and upload a picture of your ring! Enjoy!

Disclaimer: While I did receive free product to review, I was not paid to provide my opinion. The opinion stated in this post is my honest opinion of this product. I am not compensated in anyway for clicking links in this post or if you purchase product from this site.


  1. At my house, the scenario would be similar to back in the day when cereal companies put the toy right in with the cereal. We'd stick our whole arm in the box of cereal AS SOON as we cracked the seal on the box! Digging around in it, cereal flying all over the place until we found the prize.... But who doesn't have a love/hate relationship with suspense? These sound great - great review too!

  2. How fun!! What a neat idea to put a ring in a candle! I'm going to have to order some of these! :)

  3. What a clever concept! Thank you for posting about this!

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  5. I am a lover of both jewelry and candle so definitely I like the concept of ring candle. This concept is not new to me as I have already received a beautiful ring candle from my husband on our second wedding anniversary. I am lucky enough to get a beautiful diamond ring candle from my husband. He placed a beautiful ring in it which he has purchased from Bespoke Diamonds. It is by far the most romantic and special gifts that he has given till now.

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