Apr 22, 2012

How Does Your Garden Grow - Giveaway!

Spring is in full bloom here in Texas. Now, more than ever, I wish that I had a small garden. A new house, awesome backyard and great weather, why wouldn't I have a garden? The answer to that question is two furry, rambunctious, little pups. I can see it now, garden planted, growing beautifully, and coming home to soil covered puppy with a big grin on their face! I suppose I could build the raised planters, but what's the point? They'd manage to get into it somehow! Clever little rascals. So how do we city slicker, digging-dog owners, quench our springtime garden thirst? Well, if you're a novice gardener like myself, who's green thumb extends about as far as a strawberry plant you had when you were a kid, then you'll appreciate my new discovery, Back to the Roots mushroom kits! Back to the Roots is a sustainable urban mushroom farm in Oakland who offer gourmet mushroom kits that grow entirely on recycled coffee grounds! If that isn't impressive enough, these kits can be grown from the comfort of your house, comfortably perched on a window ledge. I was skeptical when I first opened my kit, unsure how it would work, but in a few short days I was growing beautiful pearl oyster mushrooms. Just take a look at my kit!
In about ten days, you will have your own mini garden of home grown mushrooms! For detailed instructions on how to grow your mushrooms, check out this blog at Snapguide. Back to the Roots is also running a great campaign where you can post a picture of your grown mushroom kit on their Facebook page and they will donate a sustainability curriculum and kit to the elementary school of your choice!

I had a great time growing my kit! It was so interesting to see how it worked, watching the mushrooms grow a little each day! For dinner, I diced and sauteed my mushrooms and used them to top a bacon wrapped wrapped filet with goat cheese, yum!
Ready for a chance to win your own kit? Enter for your chance below! If you don't win, don't worry! You can use this discount code: Mushrooms4me10 to purchase your own! Good luck!

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  1. I learned that you can grow mushrooms in as little as 10 days! Amazing. Thanks for the chance to win. Diane @ MamalDiane.com

  2. What an awesome kit! Your dinner looks delicious!! Megan

  3. I love that it is such an easy three step process.

  4. This looks so fun...I am your newest follower from the Sunday Social blog hop! I would love if you would stop by my blog and if you like what you see follow back :)
    Modern Modest Beauty

  5. Looks like a fun project with the kidlettes!

  6. We found you on the Sunday Social and really enjoy your posts. LOVE the mushrooms! We're really glad you shared it. We've been looking into growing mushrooms for a while. These kits look really simple and fun! earth2body sisters
    wendy & lisa


  7. P.S. Check out our post on live caterpillar/butterfly kits. It's really fun~!



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