Apr 15, 2012

Sunday Social - Blog Hop!

 It's time to get social again and meet new friends!

How to participate:
1.  Follow your hosts (The Kurtz Corner & The Sasse Life).
2. Follow the Featured blog. (Debbie Does Creations)

3.  Link up your blog's home page -- not a specific link or you will be deleted!
4. Visit at least 2 other blogs and make some friends!
5. Let your friends know by posting this button. The more, the merrier!

If you are interested in becoming the Featured blog, please email kim@thesasselife.com

The Sasse Life

 Featured Blog:
 Debbie Does Creations 

 I’m currently a stay at home Mom with two gorgeous boys, Alec and Asher, who are five years apart. I’m married to a wonderful husband, Jay, who works in IT for a major retail chain. I became a stay at home Mom in November of 2008 while my first son was 2 1/2. I’ve never considered myself “crafty” and then…PINTEREST! Now I host a monthly Pinterest girls night and I love to create things. I am the only girl in the house and any chance I can use glitter I do. I am hoping we can glitterize this world together! I also host a Toot Your Horn Tuesday Link Party where you can link up anything you want to Toot Your Horn about. We all need to do that sometimes :)

5 Funny Facts: 

1. This might be dating me a bit but in high school, I was nicknamed Boxcar from the Boxcar Willy infomercials. I loved country music and all I wanted to do was be a country music singer. I was country, when country wasn't cool! Moved to Nashville like everyone else and didn't follow my dream. Now I rarely listen to country music unless it's one of my favorite artists.
2. We have a cat and she actually was going to be called Lucky. When we took her to the vet, they begged us to change her name because most animals with that name aren't so "lucky." Her name is Happy.
3. I was a band geek in high school and I absolutely loved it!
4 . I was well known in college for a Pete's Dragon imitation (don't ask!)
5. I have a very long tongue. I can touch the tip of my nose.

Let's Get Social!

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