Apr 4, 2012

The Penny Hoarder - Sponsor Post

We could all use a little extra money, right? We like to cut costs and clip coupons. We join point clubs at grocery stores and join online communities to trade penny pinching secrets. Of course we like to do all those things! The standard of living continues to rise and gas is nearing $4.00/gallon...if it hasn't reached it already in your state! That is why I am excited to share with you today the wonderful website of Kyle Taylor. Kyle is the creator and author of the well known website, The Penny Hoarder.

the penny hoarder

The Penny Hoarder is an online community dedicated to providing you with 100s of great ways to make extra money! The site's posts include ways to earn and invest your money as well as fabulous giveaways! Speaking of which, The Penny Hoarder is giving away a free iPad 3 right now! You should definitely head over and check it out!

So, if you are a coupon-clipping-queen or even if you'd like to just make an extra $20 here and there, stop by and visit my wonderful sponsor The Penny Hoarder. You can also connect with The Penny Hoarder on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and through Email Subscription. Happy saving!


  1. AnonymousJuly 26, 2012

    Sounds great! Do you have a branch near towers at four lakes?

  2. This seems like a great way to earn extra money. I am currently doing some researches about forex trading and binary options. I am also considering that as an option. In fact, I will have a meeting with some of the binary options brokers next week. Anyway, I think it would also be a good idea to use some of my time learning new things on how to earn extra money online.


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