Aug 1, 2011

Monday Daydreams

 Today I'm daydreaming of Justin and I's perfect house, which by the way I CANNOT wait to decorate! I have so many ideas I've been collecting, I can't wait to bring them to life!

An idea in particular is wall collages! I just adore these collages! I love pictures and capturing memories and what better a way to capture those memories than through a wall collage.

Love how they use all black and white here with just one pop of color.

Love this corner idea and just leaning all of the frames against the wall, minimal holes to repair!
Source: None via Audra

This built in shelf for frames behind the couch is a great idea too!

I hope we have two stories so we can use this stairway idea, reminds me of Modern Family...If you don't watch that show you need to! Hilarious.

Along with family photos I'd love to include some beautiful images like these and change them out according to the season...not that we actually have seasons in Texas, but you get the point.



Source: None via Audra


 I could go on for hours with ideas!! Maybe I should have been an interior designer??
What are you daydreaming about today?


  1. Love those black and white photos!

  2. ohh i love this post!! those pictures of the seasons are amazing. i may have to repin them :) you have such a cute blog!

  3. @Chelsea - Aren't they amazing!? I can't wait to use them in a collage...gotta love Pinterest! :)


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